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The idea of a live-action American remake of the seminal anime movie Akira has always seemed like a disaster in the making to me, and the fact that the movie has languished in various forms of development hell seems to corroborate that idea. But after seeing this concept art of Chris Evans and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the Kaneda and Tetsuo roles, I almost want to change my mind.


Akira may be the greatest anime movie of all time, and thanks to the hard work of some very devoted fans, it's been brought to life in this seriously impressive live-action trailer. The trailer has all the whiz-bang effects, drama and fast editing you'd expect from a big-budget hollywood movie.


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Genius: a cup sleeve that expands via endothermic reaction when the cup is filled with hot liquid, insulating your hot coffee and keeping your hand from getting roasted. Utterly horrifying: the end of this video.