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Last week, Samsung gave us a brief glimpse into what the future of Bixby might look like. We bore witness to the Galaxy Home -- a smart speaker containing useful functionality that may be capable of challenging Amazon and Google for AI Assistant domination.

Considering Bixby's shocking track record thus far, this probably came as a bit of a surprise.

But sadly, we don't know when the Galaxy Home will be available. So what is the deal with Bixby until then? What could Samsung do in the short term to improve what is possibly the industry's most hated assistant?

Give it the voice of Samsung's CEO DJ Koh.

The theme of this week's Unpacked was connectivity. Throughout the show the notion of a Samsung 'ecosystem' with seamlessly connected devices was continuously touched upon.

Galaxy Notes. Galaxy Tabs. Galaxy Watches. The branding was strong.

This all built up to a crescendo, which was the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Home -- a brand new standalone smart speaker. Here is what we know so far.