Oracle's offices in Beijing. (Photo: Nicolas Asfouri/AFP, Getty Images)

Oracle’s Bid for TikTok Is Down to the Wire and Also a Huge Mess

The Trump administration’s efforts to strong-arm Beijing-based ByteDance into selling its U.S. subsidiary TikTok to an American company are closing in, with enterprise software giant Oracle attempting to get regulators to clear a deal. Unsurprisingly, everyone involved is really making a garbage fire out of it.

Photo: Walmart, Other

Walmart to Turn Parking Lots into Makeshift Drive-in Movie Theatres

As U.S. movie theatres struggle to re-open and attract patrons again, even while the Covid-19 pandemic rages on, they’ll be facing yet another obstacle to financial recovery this summer in the U.S. as Walmart has revealed plans to turn its parking lots into drive-in movie theatres starting in August.