A See-Through Ant Farm Tie Is The Perfect Dress Code Rebellion

Does your workplace demand you show up every morning wearing a shirt and tie? Instead of rebelling by wearing a polo and khakis and risking retribution, take the passive-aggressive approach with a suit paired with one of these clear vinyl ties that doubles as a living ant farm.

Wear This LED Tetris Tie To Any Job Interview

US Navy robotics engineer Bill Porter designed and built this fantastic Tetris-playing LED tie in a mere four hours to impress a roomful of eighth graders. But the wonderful LED light show that automatically plays Tetris on its own should impress anyone who’s ever had to kill time at work,…

Could Magnetic Ties Be The Death Of The Tie Clip?

Could Magnetic Ties Be The Death Of The Tie Clip?

Unless you’re required to symbolically hang yourself every morning for work, you probably don’t have a collection of tie clips for the rare time you do dress up. But with a Magnetie around your neck, you can be assured that both ends won’t be flapping about thanks to the power…