Swiftkey Has A Neural Network Keyboard And It’s Creepily Good

It’s always been a little comforting that no matter how clever our smartphones get, the autocorrect will still be a hot mess of dumb suggestions. Well, Swiftkey’s new keyboard uses a neural network to think more like a human — and it’s almost too good at it.

I Wrote This Post On SwiftKey’s Fantastic New Android Keyboard 

I’m sitting here, a grown adult human, ignoring the three full-sized keyboards within arm’s reach, choosing to write on a tiny two-year-old Android phone instead. And thanks to SwiftKey’s excellent Clarity beta keyboard, I haven’t had to throw it into the drywall yet.

SwiftKey Is Embedding Itself In Your Dash

Popular Android predictive keyboard SwiftKey is about to pop up in a whole different series of devices, with the text entry system set to appear in the Clarion AX1 Android-based car entertainment system. It will allow passengers and distracted drivers to access the web and send messages in usual SwiftKey…