This Humanoid Robot Sweats With Its Skeleton

Progress is a fight between what works the best and what’s feasible to manufacture cheaply at scale. Usually the latter wins. It’s why we used VHS instead of Betamax. It’s why most grocery store produce is utterly tasteless. And it’s why we’ve built a humanoid robot that sweats.

Sweaty Synthetic Clothes Stink Worse, Says Science

If you’re doing sweaty athletics, your clothes are going to end up stinky. But have you noticed some clothes end up way smellier? You’re not crazy; science shows synthetic clothes create the perfect environment for the smelliest sweat bacteria to get funky.

Hydrate Smarter: Drinking The Right Amount Of Water When You Exercise

We all know that proper hydration is important. Every cell in your body depends on water to function properly and, when you run low on H2O, systems start crashing. Most of us drink enough fluid to stave the bad stuff off, but when you exercise and start sweating, the equation…