This Maniac Just Crossed The Atlantic On A Damn Paddleboard

When it comes to pushing oneself towards greatness, some of us vow to read more books or sign up for a 5K run. Others try to learn a new skill, like woodworking. Chris Bertish, however, decided to become the first person to cross the Atlantic Ocean on a paddleboard because…

Sure, Here’s A Guy Surfing A Thunderstorm

Sean MacCormac is just like you and me. He puts his (probably very expensive custom sportswear) pants on one leg at a time, then straps a snowboard to his feet, cinches a parachute to his back, and leaps headlong out of a plane and directly into a thunderstorm above Florida.

Kelly Slater’s Incredible Plan To Make Lakes Surfable

Maybe you saw the Tony Hawk of surfing upload a video of a perfect man-made wave back in December. According to Bloomberg, Kelly Slater is trying to sell flawless artificial barrels to the world for somewhere between $US2 and $US20 million ($2.7 and $27.8 million) a pop, which is a…