These Comic Book Formal Suits Are Wonderfully Bonkers

Recently announced a series of Marvel and DC “secret identity” suits, which let you wear fancy threads with a hidden bit of comic-book geekery. The company’s latest suits, however, throw all that subtlety out of the window in favour of full-on suit insanity.

A Hands-On Review Of Suitsy, The Silicon Valley-Born Onesie Suit

I spent the last week gliding around San Francisco in the now infamous “Suitsy”, an adult-sized pyjama onesie disguised as a full business suit. At bars and in meetings, no one seemed to notice anything amiss. But, perhaps, I thought, this was because San Francisco is the home of weird…

What Harm Could Possibly Befall Someone Wearing A Bubble Wrap Suit?

If bubble wrap is good enough to protect that ceramic frog you bought on eBay as it’s shipped from Taiwan, surely a suit made from the same material would give mere mortals invincibility, right? At the least, Vat19’s $US15 blazer and pants set made from bubble wrap would provide a…