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5 Great Tabletop Games And RPGs For When It’s Too Damn Cold Outside

Calling out around the world, are you ready to camp your butt next to a heater? Because winter’s here and the time is right for staying the hell away from all outdoor activities. As winter temperatures continue to plummet, I highly suggest keeping warm and pulling out some awesome board…

Settlers Of Catan Is Coming To VR

Settlers Of Catan Is Coming To VR

If you haven’t found enough ways to make your friends hate you through hours of failed negotiations, here’s another way to ruin friendships: Settlers of Catan is getting a VR spin off.

Ultra-Precise Catan-Playing Robots Will Never Mess Up The Game Board

The worst thing that can happen in Settlers of Catan isn’t ending up with settlements that don’t yield any resources, it’s when someone accidentally bumps the board sending roads and cities flying in all directions. So maybe playing Catan is yet another thing we should leave to the robots.