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This is what illegal gold mining looked like in southeast Peru's Madre de Dios region in 2019. (Photo: Cris Bouroncle, Getty Images)

Gold Mining Is Hurting the Amazon’s Ability to Store Carbon

Gold mining is becoming an increasingly dangerous threat to the Amazon. A new study has found that barely any trees or plants grow where mines once sat. This is bad news for the wildlife that depends on vegetation for habitat. Without trees or vegetation, though, the Amazon also can’t store…

Photo: Geoffroy Van Der Hasselt, Getty Images

Cotton Is Best for Homemade Masks, Study Suggests

A new U.S. government-led study has found that common materials such as cotton can effectively filter particles as small as the coronavirus, especially when layered. The findings offer more evidence that homemade masks can slow the pandemic’s spread and possibly provide some personal protection against covid-19, albeit not as much…