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Well, This New Facebook Patent Application Sure Is Creeping Us Out

A recently published Facebook patent application imagines an unnerving way to use your data. The company filed for a patent that explores piecing together information about a user’s entire household based on the pictures they upload, presumably for targeted advertising. And yes, Instagram photos were also cited in the filing.

Some Senators Want To Know If Smart TVs Are Spying On People

A visitor looks at a display of Smart TV televisions at the Thomson stand at the IFA 2011 consumer electonics and appliances trade fair on the first day of the fair’s official opening on September 2, 2011 in Berlin, Germany. Two US senators have some suspicions about smart TVs, and…

The Father Of The World Wide Web Has Some Worries About His Baby

Photo: Getty Yesterday was the 28th anniversary of the day that Tim Berners-Lee submitted his proposal for what would become the World Wide Web. In honour of the occasion, he published a letter outlining the biggest areas of its development that are doing him a frighten and warping his original…