NeverWet’s Clear Water-Repelling Spray: Less Magic, More Wet

When we tried the first iteration of Rustoleum’s seemingly magic, liquid-repelling spray, we were actually pretty damn impressed — water beading off toilet paper rolls! Now, though, NeverWet’s come out with a version that doesn’t leave a gross residue. And while this new NeverWet may indeed be less sticky, it…

Neverwet’s Waterproof Magic Turns Circuit Boards Into Submarines

We’ve had a quite a bit of fun covering anything we could get our hands on with water-repelling magic, but the folks over at Adafruit took it a step further and risked a little electrocution. But the result — submersible circuit boards — is definitely cool enough to be worth…

Superhydrophobic Coating Repels Liquids

Superhydrophobic Coating Repels Liquids

Water and electronics are not good bedfellows, but a new silicon-based sprayable coating that makes gadgets completely waterproof has me even more excited for its other applications. Like making clothing impervious to food stains, as demonstrated in this video.