This See-Through Combination Lock Unravels The Mystery Of School Lockers

As you raced through your locker combination four or five times a day during high school, did you ever stop to wonder how those seemingly random rotations actually worked to protect your lunch and textbooks? The lock’s mysterious inner workings were always hidden away under a metal case, but this…

How Bulletproof Is A $1100 Padlock?

Video: Guns are used to blow the locks off doors in movies and TV so often that we don’t stop to think if what we’re seeing is possible. (For the record, the answer is: Sometimes.) But what does it take for a lock to be totally bulletproof?

What’s Hidden Inside Shopping Trolleys To Make Them Cost $131 Each?

Video: It’s just a pushable basket you use to store groceries and occasionally ride around the aisles on, so why do shopping trolleys cost $US100 ($131) each? Science Channel details how the shopping trolley is made with 68m of a steel cage covered in Telfon, how the bumpers can withstand…