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This Page-Turning Kindle Contraption Is Straight Out Of Rick And Morty

Not since Rick and Morty’s butter-passing robot has there been a more hyper-specific, purpose-built device than perhaps Alex Mikes’ automatic Kindle page turner. Instead of having to raise his arm to tap the edge of the screen while reading in bed, a simple click of a wireless remote makes the…

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2015): Australian Review

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2015): Australian Review

E-readers are getting better and better, and for commuters and frequent travellers there’s a genuine reason to choose one over a bookshelf of dead trees. Amazon’s new, mid-range Kindle Paperwhite has a bright and crisp e-paper screen every bit as beautiful as the top of the line Kindle Voyage, and…

We Put The Waterproof Kindle Through Hell

When we heard about Waterfi’s custom waterproof Paperwhite, we were delighted at the prospect, but reserved final judgement until we could put it through the wringer ourselves. And after some highly scientific experimentation, we can confirm: This thing is a goddamn rock.