Leaked Images Suggest Gmail’s Redesign Is Going To Be Very Attractive

Yesterday, Google sent out an internal email to G Suite administrators announcing a new design for Gmail on the web sporting a “fresh, clean look”. Images of the presumed redesign were then leaked to Android Authority before appearing on Imgur with key info redacted via large black blocks. And now…

Google’s Neural Network Can Now Reply To Gmail Messages For You

If you’ve ever wanted a robot to respond to your emails, you’re in luck. Today, Google is announcing a new feature to its ambitious Inbox app that will enlist the company’s artificial neural network to craft automatic replies to incoming Gmail messages. You’ll never need to type again!

Gmail Now Uses Artificial Neural Networks To Sniff Out Spam

Gmail’s spam filters have always been pretty good, but now they’re getting a shot in the arm. Google’s rolling out its artificial neural network technology, currently used in the likes of its Search and Now apps, to help reduce the weight of unwanted email even further.