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11 Horror Movies Featuring Creepy, Haunted Apartments

11 Horror Movies Featuring Creepy, Haunted Apartments

Haunted houses may get all the attention, but apartment buildings can give off some mighty terrifying energy, too—whether it’s in the form of something that follows you in, or something that pounces once you’ve signed your lease. Here are 11 movies featuring apartments you’re glad aren’t part of your rental…

The 19 Scariest, Freakiest Haunted Houses In Movies And TV

There’ve been a lot of haunted houses popping up on screens both large and small lately, including the dreaded 29 Neibolt Street house in It and the trippy centrepiece of Syfy’s Channel Zero: No-End House. That said, spooky houses are a long-running horror staple — and not all are created…

Behind The Scenes Of The Blood Manor Haunted House

Walk through New York City’s Blood Manor in the dark, and you might have a heart attack. Explore it with the lights up and you’ll see a series of simple tech tricks designed to scare the pants off you.