A restaurant on Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, Florida serves customers who apparently have no idea there's a pandemic going on (July 14, 2020). (Photo: Chandan Khanna, Getty Images)

U.S. Breaks Record With Over 77,000 New Coronavirus Cases in Single Day

The U.S. recorded 77,255 new cases of coronavirus on Thursday, setting a depressing new world record. The U.S. has the worst outbreak on the planet right now, but it’s probably more accurate to say this new record was broken last week. Why? The largest private testing lab in the country…

Dead Drop: The Human Is An Animal That Schemes

Dead Drop: The Human Is An Animal That Schemes

Why do Americans apply the word “murder” to “murder hornets”? This is a question that The New Yorker asked on Wednesday. “A murder requires premeditation. We don’t speak of bears or tigers murdering people,” the author explained while laying out their thought process. They suspect that the monicker is a…