Image: Discord

10 Tips and Tricks to Make You a Discord Master

Discord is based around digital chat in all its various forms, and while it’s maybe best known among gamers, it can power group chats for a whole host of purposes — like a cooler, less formal Slack. Whether you’ve been on Discord for years or only just opened up the…

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You Should Really Update Your BIOS

The BIOS (or Basic Input/Output System) is what kicks into gear when you turn on your computer: It’s the most fundamental level of software there is on your machine, checking that all the system components are working and in the right place, and loading up the main OS. The BIOS…

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How to PDF

The Portable Document Format, or PDF, has been with us since 1993. It was created as a way of sharing page layouts — fonts, colours, and graphics — that would look the same on any computer system, no matter what software was installed or what operating system was running.