Autonomous Brakes May Have Stopped Berlin Truck Attacker From Killing More

Earlier this month, 12 people were killed and dozens more were injured when an attacker drove a stolen truck through a crowded Christmas market in Berlin. If it hadn’t been for an automatic brake system mandated by European Union rules, however, last week’s tragedy could have been even worse.

These Parkour Bike Tricks Are Super Wild

Video: There’s a lot of good ways to experience a city. You can walk and enjoy the outdoors but that takes a bit of time. You could ride any above ground public transportation system but that traps you inside. You could drive a car but that makes you miss out…

One Man’s Quest To Surf Berlin

Berlin lies hundreds of kilometres from the nearest ocean. But, that didn’t stop one determined man from discovering a rare local break, then teaching himself to surf it. This is his story.