Denny O'Neil reminiscing about his days with DC Comics. (Image: The Comic Archive)

Denny O’Neil, the Man Who Gave Batman a New Voice, Has Died at 81

If it weren’t for Denny O’Neil, we would likely still be reading about and watching a version of Batman whose greatest strength was his flair for extravagant capes. O’Neil didn’t fully do away with those aspects of Batman as a character, but he fundamentally made the world understand just how…

The ‘Snyder Cut’ Of Justice League Is Being Released

The ‘Snyder Cut’ Of Justice League Is Being Released

Some fans demanded it, we’ve all debated it, and now it’s finally happening. On Wednesday, Warner Bros. announced that a new cut of Justice League, one approved and finished by Zack Snyder, will be released on its upcoming streaming service, HBO Max.