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Hello, the year is 2017 and a Queensland University researcher is conducting the first Australian study into the positive influence robots can have on your eating habits.

Weight loss robots are going to be a thing, people - and you can help make it happen.


BOSTON — American scientists share the same desires and needs as the rest of us. They're just folks whose job description includes proving hypotheses and establishing facts based on collecting evidence. After eight years of a government that respected the importance of their work, the incoming administration has proven to be hostile — not only to scientists, but to evidence-supported facts themselves.


We all have those people in our lives. You know the ones. They're on top of their work and social lives and never turn up to the office with coffee spilled down the front of their shirts.

They're accomplished for a reason. They recognise that the morning sets the entire tone for the rest of the day and utilise it in effective ways. We don't expect you to nail all of these immediately, but here are some of the most popular and time friendly morning habits of successful CEOs and business leaders.