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Last week's episode of American Gods introduced viewers to an Egyptian god who shepherds souls to the afterlife. This week's episode focuses on a mortal who's slipped the bonds of death, adding important depth to a character who's only been seen in flashbacks and dream sequences. The late Laura Moon is more alive on TV than she ever was in print.


Humans have a hard time coming to grips with death, prompting them to come up with deities and beliefs that revolve around being judged and leaving a legacy. The newest episode of American Gods offers up a poignant spin on the mythological afterlife and teases ominous consequences for those who refuse to pass over to the other side.


So often, women get told that having a child growing inside their bodies is a sacred duty that will turn them into glowing demi-goddesses. That might be the case for some lucky people, but even if it is, becoming a mother changes everything about your life. Prevenge cuts right into the belly of those preconceptions to show how that change can be absolutely terrifying in a world where women have to struggle to be recognised as equal.


"I watch Sense8 for the sex" is a comment I've heard a lot lately. People have their favourite moments of the beautiful multicultural cast banging their connected brains out. (Perhaps I need to just hang out with fewer horndogs.) But sex, while definitely a major part of Sense8, is not all that the show or the characters can be. Thanks to sharp plotting and a great use of its characters, the second season — which premieres today on Netflix — feels less like softcore porn and more like the optimistic balm to our collective, conflicted consciousness that Lana Wachoswski no doubt originally intended the series to be.


If you've splashed out on a high-end 4K HDR-ready TV, and you're still watching your discs through some crummy $50 Blu-ray player, you're not getting the full picture. Cheap players use cheap video processing chips, stealing detail and dynamic range. Oppo has the solution to the issue you didn't even know you had with the UDP-203, a 4K HDR Blu-ray disc player that has been built with a striking attention to detail and aim for the utmost in picture quality.


The biggest problem with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Vol. 1, if you will, was such a huge, surprise hit that most of the massive audiences who will flock to see Vol. 2 will all want to relive watching the first film. They will get their wish, sometimes, but other times Vol. 2 is trying something different, by looking deeper into its heroes and their relationships. But one thing holds true for both movies: They're both still fun as hell.

Warning: Spoilers within!