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Hey, Apple, Wrong Clasp

I’ve been ridiculed. I’ve been ignored. I’ve been hassled for my love of watches. But today is a reckoning. All of my education, my effort, my endless fascination with horology is paying off. Why?

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Amazon’s Kicking Retailers While They’re Down (Again)

In case you haven’t heard, retail is in trouble. Aside from the hundreds of clothing stores that have permanently shuttered after the coronavirus brought shopping to a screeching halt, we’ve also spent the past year watching the slower (though no less tragic) decline of mall staples like Macy’s and JC…

Hang in there, Nate. (Image: Naughty Dog)

Updates From Uncharted, the Flash Movie, and More

Rick Riordan is teaming up with Netflix to adapt The Kane Chronicles. Christoper Landon teased a teeny little bit of progress on more Happy Death Day. Plus, Supernatural gets in one last Halloween episode, meet James Bond’s new No Time to Die villain, and what’s to come on The Boys….

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Apple Watch’s Faces Finally Don’t Suck

I’ve long complained about Apple’s Watch faces. These were an ugly mix of skeuomorphic (aka realistic) design melded with someone’s idea of what a fancy watch face might look like. Now, with WatchOS 7, they’re finally getting the hang of things.

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Bill Gates Is Rapidly Losing Trust in the FDA and CDC

With the release of their foundation’s latest annual Goalkeepers Report, Bill and Melinda Gates are doing a lot of interviews and pushing one primary message: The U.S. is failing in its coronavirus response, and that represents a failure for the globe. That’s something we’ve heard from Bill Gates repeatedly since…

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Don’t Expect iPhone 12 at Apple’s September Event

Overnight finally announced its annual September event. But don’t get too excited to see the iPhone 12 just yet, because you might not. Regardless of what we see, this month’s Apple event will take place on September 16 here in Australia. The live stream will kick off at 3am AEST….

USB Hubs

7 Cheap USB Hubs For Easily Connecting All Your Gear

Don’t let your peripheral needs be limited by the number of USB ports on your computer with this selection of USB Hubs. Wireless gadgets are cool, but we still live in a world where a lot of our peripherals use a cabled approach. That’s totally fine if you’ve only got…

Kamala and Bruce are adorable together, which is important to the true themes of Marvel's Avengers. (Image: Crystal Dynamics/Square-Enix)

Marvel’s Avengers Works Best Putting the Spotlight on Its Unlikeliest Stars

The story of Crystal Dynamics and Square-Enix’s Marvel’s Avengers caught many off-guard heading into the grindy, loot-driven brawler, expecting a perfunctory tutorial to the game’s all-encompassing live-service mechanics. Instead, we got maybe one of the most sincerely intimate Avengers stories in years, and it works because of the game’s true…

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Wellness Influencers Denounce the Spread of QAnon

QAnon, the internet brainvirus that’s set untold masses searching for Satanic pedovores and howling “do your reeeeseaaaaarch” in every known comment section has afflicted the wellness community.

Graphic: PepsiCo

Better Names for Pepsi’s Sleep Beverage, Ranked

PepsiCo will bring into production a drink to help people ease stress and sleep better during These Uncertain Times, the company announced today. They’ve decided to name this “enhanced water beverage” Driftwell.

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Vinyl Sales Beat CDs While Still Managing to Lose

For a lot of folks, records (in the year of our dark lord 2020) are one of those things you either “get” or just don’t. While its resurgence has spawned its fair share of hate-fuelled rants asking why we’re falling for the greatest scam ever played on us at the…

High Angle View Of Smart Phone Getting Charged On Table

Are Your Devices Spying on You? Australia’s Very Small Step to Make the Internet of Things Safer

From internet-connected televisions, toys, fridges, ovens, security cameras, door locks, fitness trackers and lights, the so-called “Internet of Things” (IoT) promises to revolutionise our homes. But it also threatens to increase our vulnerability to malicious acts. Security flaws in IoT devices are common. Hackers can exploit those vulnerabilities to take…