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How Telstra’s New Phone Plans Compare to Optus and Vodafone

This week Telstra refreshed its entire range of phone plans, increasing data allowances across the board, but upping prices at the same time. Every plan is now at least $5 more expensive per month, but comes with a minimum of 10GB extra. So how do they stack up against Vodafone…

Cars Have Always Been A Powerful Platform For Pride

The stars of Pride marches are undoubtedly the members of the community who show up in full force to have their voices heard, but I also have a humble respect for the cars, trucks and bikes that make the vast Pride parades of today and decades past possible.

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Huawei P40 Pro: The Gizmodo Review

It’s a weird situation when the second largest smartphone maker in the world is treated as persona non grata, but that’s precisely what Huawei is facing when it comes to selling gadgets in the regions like the U.S. And based on the current political climate, there’s very little chance that…

Piglets resting in their sty at the Lower Drayton Farm in the UK. (Photo: Christopher Furlong, Getty Images)

Not Now, Ominous New Swine Flu Strains

Researchers in China are sounding the alarm over strains of the influenza virus that have become common among some farm pigs — strains that have the potential to erupt into an easily transmissible pandemic in people, they warn. But while the threat is serious and worth keeping an eye on,…

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India Finally Popped the Ban on TikTok and 58 Other Chinese Apps

This is the story of a microvlogging app that nobody had heard of two years ago, and how it lured the world’s teens with karaoke, gobbled up their data, ballooned to monstrous proportions, and, finally, became a geopolitical bargaining chip in an escalating feud between the world’s two most-populous countries. The…

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The OnePlus Nord Could Be OnePlus’ Big Return to Affordability

When the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro launched earlier this year at $899 and $1,300 it sort of felt like OnePlus had given up on making speedy and relatively inexpensive phones in order to cater to mainstream buyers. But with the new OnePlus Nord, it appears OnePlus is looking…

A new Captain for a new age. (Image: Marvel Studios)

Anthony Mackie Teases the Scope of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

Zach Galligan has high hopes for the future of Gremlins. Bill and Ted are facing both the music and another delay. Get a brief glimpse at the nightmares to come in Candyman. Plus, what to expect when Fort Salem returns (someday), and NBC sets its sights on new X-Filesian drama…

Anger is All the Rage on Twitter When it’s Cold Outside and On Mondays

The link between hot weather and aggressive crime is well established. But can the same be said for online aggression, such as angry tweets? And is online anger a predictor of assaults? Our study just published suggests the answer is a clear “no”. We found angry tweet counts actually increased…

Who's ready to flex? (Image: DC Universe)

What Is Doom Patrol’s Flex Mentallo Staring At?

Remember that time on Doom Patrol when Flex Mentallo, the Hero of the Beach, ended up accidentally giving the entire Doom Patrol, a roving band of cabaret performers, and a sentient street spontaneous orgasms by flexing his muscles? Of course you do, because who forgets something wild like that?

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Why the Ban on Nicotine Vape Fluid Will Do More Harm Than Good

Last week the federal government’s Office of Drug Control announced changes to the importation of nicotine-containing electronic cigarette fluids that will seriously affect the estimated 227,000 regular e-cigarette users in Australia. From January 1, 2021, users will no longer be allowed to import nicotine-containing fluids for use in e-cigarettes, even…

Facebook's prototype for what future VR glasses could look like. (Photo: Facebook)

Facebook Has a VR Headset Prototype That Looks Like a Pair of Glasses

Comfortable, good-looking VR headsets might not be available in the near future, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be available at all. According to VentureBeat, Facebook is researching a holographic optics design that would slim down present-day VR headsets from their bulky, brick form to something more like a thick…

Ash may not be about, but Evil Dead rises. (Image: Starz)

Updates From the Next Evil Dead, The Flash, and More

Jai Courtney teases some tonal changes between the original Suicide Squad and its sequel. Lucifer’s next season is getting a little help from Supernatural’s god. Sousa’s in trouble in new Agents of SHIELD pictures. Plus, Nic Cage’s killer theme park movie gets a teeny name tweak, and what’s to come…

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Reddit Brings the Banhammer Down on r/The_Donald and 2,000 Other Subs

This weekend’s rumours were true: Reddit has swung its mighty banhammer, taking out 2,000 groups, including r/The_Donald and r/ChapoTrapHouse. A few hours later, the Verge reported that Twitch temporarily banned the Donald himself, namely over video of his racist rallies, with few additional details.

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Even Image Sensors Are Getting a Subscription and That Sucks

Subscriptions aren’t necessarily anything new when it comes to gadgets. If you’ve invested in a smart home, especially one with cameras, you’re probably familiar with the concept. But over the past two years, it’s become even clearer that companies are viewing subscriptions as the de facto future — and frankly,…

Chapter 28 (Image: John Joseph Adams/Mariner Books)

Read Creatures of Charm and Hunger: Chapter 28

Two years ago, Gizmodo shared author Molly Tanzer’s Victorian fantasy novel Creatures of Will & Temper in serialised excerpts. And now we’ve got good news for fans of the author, not to mention fans of free books: We’re doing it again, with her newest title! Check out chapter twenty-eight today.

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Could Teleporting Ever Work?

Have the major airlines spent decades suppressing teleportation research? Have a number of renowned scientists in the field of teleportation studies disappeared under mysterious circumstances? Is there a cork board at the FBI linking Delta Airlines, shady foreign security firms, and dozens of murdered research professors? Is that investigation being…

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5G Should Be Free

From July 1, Telstra will begin charging some customers for 5G. Vodafone and Optus have started rolling out their own mobile 5G networks, with neither ruling out a 5G charge in the future. But considering the cost of a 5G handset and how few Australians can access a solid 5G signal right now, one thing has become clear.

Nobody should be paying extra for 5G.