Following the laws of individual nations becomes a hell of a conundrum when your business fundamentally has no borders. But recent court cases are threatening to make the situation even more difficult by demanding that a country's laws be honoured by companies like Google all around the world. On Wednesday, an ongoing case with terrifying implications was kicked up to the European Union's highest court.


Things just don't seem to die in the deep ocean (well, except for humans). While rockfish nearer the surface live about 12 years, those living closer to 2500 feet down can live for 200 years. There's a deep water coral that can apparently live as long as 4,000 years. But there's one species that seems to live an especially long time, and could rank up there with the oldest: Escarpia laminata, some dumbass tubeworm.


Ant-Man and the Wasp adds a mysterious new star. Silver and Black could be recruiting some very obscure Marvel heroes. Rian Johnson revealed a word from Star Wars: The Last Jedi's opening crawl. Plus, a ton of Comic-Con posters, glorious new images from Black Panther, and Aquaman starts building a lighthouse. Spoilers now!


Thousands of Aboriginal artefacts have been unearthed in the Madjedbebe rock shelter on Mirarr country. Located in the Northern Territory, the site is on Jabiluka uranium mining land, surrounded by the Kakadu National Park.

Scientific testing of the site has conclusively shown humans have been in Australia for at least 65,000 years - 5,000 years earlier than thought by some archaeologists.


The crew of the Serenity never made it to Earth on the show or the movie. But what if they had? And what if they only did insanely cute things while they were there? These are the tough yet super-adorable questions being asked by illustrator Joey Spiotto in his new book Firefly: Back from the Black, and we have an exclusive first look.


Latest in the drip-feed of new info about the next-generation Holden Commodore is the first photos and technical info about the range-topping VXR. Here's what you can expect from the new top of the line Commo, which will be the fastest and most capable in Holden's stable for the foreseeable future.


Things have been looking bleak at Google Fiber for a while now. The burgeoning internet service provider lost one chief executive late last year, and this week, it lost another one. Greg McCray, who took the helm of Google Fiber only five months ago, just stepped down. The reasons why are unclear, but they appear to be embarrassing on a number of fronts.