The past is often portrayed as a Pandora's Box of terrifying monsters. But while many palaeontologists reject this stereotype, the scientists behind the newly-discovered marine worm Websteroprion armstrongi have decided to embrace it. It turns out this Palaeozoic prince of darkness, which roamed the seas roughly 400-million-years-ago, has a pretty metal origin story.


The population of forest elephants in Gabon's Minkébé National Park — one of Central Africa's largest and most important nature preserves — has declined by a whopping 81.5 per cent since 2004 due to poaching. It's considered a major setback for the preservation of this endangered species, of which less than 100,000 remain in the wild.


The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America has announced its 2016 Nebula Award nominees — honouring the best works of sci-fi and fantasy published in the US — as well as its Bradbury (for dramatic presentation, with Westworld cracking the film-heavy category) and Norton (for YA works) nominees.


Whenever you say a colour name, you're referring to specific properties of light waves. Sounds work the same way, but with properties of compression waves. But what about smell? With all of the different scented chemicals out there and their complex interactions, it's been impossible to create a simple scale to describe the odours or noses detect.


Optus switched on 4.5G network services in the north-western Sydney suburb of Macquarie Park today, kicking off a year-long rollout that will ultimately aim to see over 70 per cent of the Optus network reached in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

Tests at the Optus Macquarie Park campus yesterday showed speeds of 1.03Gbps, the telco says.