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Google's finally giving up its long-standing habit of riffling through your inbox to see what you're interested in, perhaps paving the way for enhanced security.

If a service is free, you're the product. Never was that pearl of wisdom more true than when talking about Google's suite of free tools like Gmail and Google Drive.


The steady pace of browser and web improvements means we can do a better job of visualising data online, beyond simple charts and graphs. The City of Melbourne decided to do a neat thing with its cache of development activity info — it's created an interactive 3D model showing all planned and under construction buildings in the local government area.


The US Department of Justice is attempting to take its long-running legal battle with Microsoft over access to emails stored on foreign servers to the Supreme Court. After several delays, the Justice Department recently filed a petition asking the Supreme Court to take its case. An appeals court previously ruled in favour of Microsoft, finding the the Justice Department couldn't use a warrant to obtain messages from one of the company's overseas data centres and would have to request the data through an international treaty process instead.


Yahoo is shutting down an app created by teenager. Four years ago, said teenager sold the app to the struggling internet company for a reported $US30 ($40) million. It's one of many casualties from Verizon's recent acquisition from the big purple Dot Com giant, but it's especially interesting since Yahoo turned so many heads by spending such a huge sum on an app created by a teen. Then again, maybe it was inevitable all along.


KoalaSafe is a router with parental controls that lets you manage the time your child spends online, by creating a dedicated wifi network at home that you can set time limits on - as well as block inappropriate content and see usage analytics - using a smartphone app.

Alternatively, you could interact with your children, setting and enforcing boundaries yourself.


Amazon is setting up shop in Australia, and according to a recent survey, a massive 90 per cent of us online shopping-types will use the service - if it comes good with the low prices, vast selection and fast delivery we've been promised, of course.

And why wouldn't we?


Last night in an interview with CNN, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a major overhaul to the largest social media company on Earth, one that might finally fix many of the lingering issues its leadership has been hesitant to address.

I'm kidding, it's a new mission statement.


Uber's founder and CEO Travis Kalanick has resigned after mounting pressure from shareholders over a string of workplace scandals. Previously, he had said he would take a temporary leave of absence in the wake of an investigation into Uber's company culture, which was said to foster harassment and discrimination.