Qantas' fast, free in-flight Wi-Fi is still a few weeks away from its real-world debut, but it's passed its first proper test with flying colours. A test flight filled with Qantas volunteer staff designed to stress the Aussie carrier's inflight Wi-Fi to its breaking point has delivered impressive results.


On 28 February, the National Broadband Network (NBN) will officially shut down its interim satellite service. While closure sounds threatening, that's largely good news for satellite customers, who are generally located in very remote areas and have had little choice about how they get broadband.


In what appears to be a violation of the federal ethics rule that prohibits a government employee from using "his public office for his own private gain, for the endorsement of any product," Ajit Pai, the controversial new chair of the FCC, tweeted and subsequently deleted praise for Amazon's PrimeNow service.

"Needed something in pinch and decided to try @amazonprimenow. Very impressed! Item was cheap and arrived early. May not leave the house again," Pai posted to on his official FCC Twitter account, only to delete moments later.


If your business has a fixed-line Internet connection through Telstra, you might be having some problems talking to the outside world right now. Australia's largest telco is experiencing a bit of a hiccup with its Chatswood exchange again, which is apparently impacting hardline business connections around the state of NSW.