If you've ever signed up to to make a quick buck farming out your skills, you might have an unexpected benefit: the tech team at Freelancer has reached out to users whose credentials they've found on public lists of third-party data breaches, both to prompt them to reset their passwords and to check which other sites they'd been compromised on.


And why the hell should they? In the past three months, US President Trump's favourite social network has grown by zero (0) users, according to Twitter's latest earnings report. That's 66 million fewer new users than Facebook added in the same time period, and 9 million fewer than Twitter itself added during the first quarter of the year.


Commercial space tourism company Blue Origin, and its overlord Jeff Bezos, have been pretty quiet over the last few months. But last week, the Amazon founder made his first Instagram post, which appears to show the billionaire stranded on the roof of his own rocket facility in Florida. Because he is Fun. Haha.


Kris Duggan looms large in Silicon Valley, serving as an adjunct professor at the Ray Kurzweil-founded Singularity University, and according to his Crunchbase profile, holds advisory positions with nine different companies including the secretive Palantir Technologies. Duggan is best known for co-founding BetterWorks in 2013, which has since sopped up a generous $44 million in venture capital funding from, amongdt others, Kleiner-Perkins. And like an increasing number of rich, powerful executives, Duggan is now stepping down as CEO of his company after being accused of inappropriate workplace conduct by a female employee — the bitter irony being that BetterWorks makes software for — wait for it — Human Resources.


Less than a week ago, headlines declared that a market-shaking fork in Bitcoin had been averted. But the people backing a new cryptocurrency called Bitcoin Cash have now announced that the expected compromise between warring factions is dead. Next week, the huge Bitcoin fork will begin, and here's what it's all about.


Tech giants Elon Musk and Mark Zuckeberg have been engaged in a very public, somewhat silly and self-indulgent battle over artificial intelligence lately. Musk has warned AI-powered robots could usher in some form of automated war to give humanity its richly deserved demise, while Zuckerberg responded by saying he is "really optimistic" it could usher a golden age of lifesaving technology.


In a parallel universe, there's a planet where it rains only Italian cured meats. It appears that somehow, a wormhole has ripped through the space-time continuum and connected that world to ours, as evidenced by an assemblage of Italian sausage recently found on a family's roof in Deerfield Beach, Florida. It's a mystery meat whodunnit that raises more questions than answers; a cold case that has shaken a community to its core.


In his recent adventures beyond the valley, Mark Zuckerberg has made a point of hammering on the issue of income inequality, saying the US should "explore ideas like universal basic income to give everyone a cushion to try new things." But Zuckerberg needs to look no further than his own workers who live just miles from Facebook's Frank Gehry-designed campus to find striking examples of appalling income disparity.


NBN needs to ditch copper-based Fibre to the Node, says lobby group Internet Australia, saying it is "essential for Australia's economic and social development" to abandon the technology in favour of Fibre to the distribution point.

And no, it says, it's not too late.