All Things Internet: The Big Players & The Issues

The world has grown increasingly connected over the past few decades and a huge chunk of our lives are online. We cover the companies you care about: YouTube, Google, Amazon, and the issues you care about: NBN, IoT, social media, privacy and security.

Graphic: KnowYourMeme/Gizmodo, Fair Use

Twitter to Roll Out Prompt Warning You to Read the Dang Article

Twitter is rolling out its system that warns its users that they’re huge dumbasses who might want to consider reading the goddamn article first, the company announced on Thursday. Basically, this is the 2020 equivalent of Microsoft Clippy asking “Are you sure you want to do that?”

Screenshot: Android

How Android 11 Beats iOS 14 for Handling Messaging Apps

Android 11 and iOS 14 are both here, and the software upgrades pack in a slew of improvements and new features for Android phones (er…some of them) and iPhones, respectively. Many of the tweaks and enhancements in Android 11 centre around one particular area, though, and it’s an area where Google’s…