What's that? Oh nothing, just the sound of the 80s, 90s, even the noughties - being so long ago I'm unintentionally emitting a high-pitched continual scream of horror.

Everything is fine. It's fine.

Here, have a GIF of Link evolving over three whole decades as a distraction.


Electronic Art's Star Wars Battlefront 2, one of the biggest video game titles of the year, debuted to disaster in recent weeks after both consumers and the gaming press revolted against the $100 game's reliance on microtransaction-fuelled, pay-to-win loot boxes. At launch, the title prevented players from accessing key features of the game such as playing as Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader without either gruelling grinds or shelling out extra cash to help bypass its confusing internal economy.

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Fresh off the back of the Click Frenzy deals, we have the big one: Black Friday. Need a console for cheap? A discount on a controller? Bargains on games? Never fear, we've got your back. Here's our list of the best tech and gaming deals you can get this Black Friday.


Controllers matter, especially if you're making the shift from console gaming, where choice is limited, to PC gaming, where the only thing stopping you from grabbing a specific controller is money. But while every controller is trying to give you an edge, some do a better job than others. Some feel more comfortable, some allow you to do more, and some just look cooler. So I spent the last few weeks playing a lot of video games to find the very best controller you can buy.


In an infamous Twitter meme that misquotes Alan Moore's Watchmen, Dr. Manhattan, naked, blue, and seated in a crater alone on Mars, says: "I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives." He's a perfect candidate for Windows 10 Mixed Reality, Microsoft approach to virtual reality, that, starting today, is compatible with SteamVR.


Once upon a time, I worked out if you mix cheap tinned lentils with the cheap mince you get in bulk at Aldi (yes, I'm aware I probably ate horse at some point), and stock up on snap frozen veggies, you can feed your family quite healthily for at least a week.

Unrelated: there are Xbox Christmas decorations worth FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS and hey, if you're into that kind of thing power to you, my friend.


While Reddit sometimes overstates its value as a space for authentic conversations online, the massive community-driven website has served as a kind of town hall where everyone from Elon Musk and Barack Obama to a dildo manufacturer have responded to questions from completely un-vetted strangers. Sometimes it goes well. For Electronic Arts, the new owner of the most hated comment in Reddit's history, not so much.

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Whenever someone starts playing board games, they're often introduced to the same handful of games: Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne, Catan and so on. These games -- often referred to as 'gateway games' -- are simple, inoffensive titles that anyone can pick up and play.

They're an easy way to dip you toes into the waters of board gaming. What if you want to dive into the deep end?

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Doom does not perform nearly as well on the Switch as it does on PS4, Xbox One or PC. On Nintendo's latest console, Doom runs at a lower framerate, with big sacrifices in resolution and graphical fidelity. But really, isn't it a miracle that Doom is on the Switch at all?