Nintendo's questionable supply chain strategies mean there are still gamers trying to get their hands on a Switch, two months after its release. But why bother trying to hunt down another console when the smartphone in your pocket can already do almost everything the Switch can — with a few upgrades.


Remember Words With Friends? Expect to have a whole flood of new invites to play via Messenger, with Facebook revealing its new gaming push on the service.

Speaking with Gizmodo, Facebook revealed a plan to include advertising ("its already possible") and microtransactions ("something we are working on") to be implemented for developers "within six to nine months".


If you have any interest in PC gaming, you've likely heard about two competing technologies by NVIDIA and AMD called G-Sync and FreeSync respectively. Both are designed to eliminate screen tearing, which happens when your monitor's refresh rate can't keep up with the frames being pumped out by your video card. If you've been looking for a definitive comparison, look no further than this opus from Battle(non)sense.