This is kind of a sad story. In November, Snap Inc blew everybody's mind by releasing a surprisingly interesting piece of hardware. The camera-equipped sunglasses called Spectacles worked with Snapchat and looked cool. But a year later, the company reportedly has "hundreds of thousands" of unsold Spectacles sitting in warehouses in China. It's unclear if any of them will ever see the light of day.


Smart TV features are for the most part terrible, so if you're looking to pipe Netflix or whatever service into your television, you're best off buying a smart box or dongle. We would never suggest that you don't need a big beautiful screen -- you cannot watch Game of Thrones on an Apple TV alone -- but no matter how new and flashy (or old and junky) your television, a smart add-on makes sense.


Kids' smartwatches are usually intended to help parents feel at ease that their children are safe when they're not around. But as it turns out, a number of these devices may do more harm than good. A 49-page report on smartwatches for children (with the unfortunate title of #WatchOut) details all the ways in which they are a security nightmare.


Apple may be riding the highest stock prices of its lifetime, but China continues to be a vexing problem for the hardware giant. With a high-profile legal dispute with Qualcomm threatening a ban on the iPhone in China and its market share in the country falling, more bad news arrived late last month when the Apple Watch's cellular service was reportedly shut off by Chinese authorities.


Post The Walking Dead, power fantasies focusing on sweatily hunting down the undead with a crossbow in hand have increased by 438%.

This is a statistic I invented for the purposes of this introduction, but the point still stands: thanks to Norman Reedus and his penchant for lodging bolts in the brains of the undead, crossbows are pretty cool right now.

NERF's timing on this couldn't be better, with the recent release of the ZombieStrike Dreadbolt, which is basically Norman Reed: The Nerf Blaster.

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Amazon looms just over the horizon but eBay is here to remind you they are a big deal with 20% off all sorts of tech products - smartphones, cameras, laptops, routers, graphics cards, TVs, drones, headphones... the list goes on!


London's famous Piccadilly Circus is getting an immense and terrifying new video display called Piccadilly Lights. According to its maker, the enormous screen (which is almost the size of two professional basketball courts) can detect the vehicles, ages, and even emotions of people nearby, and respond by playing targeted ads. Imagine New York's Time Square with a makeover from John Carpenter's They Live -- but without any pretense of deception.


Clocks in general lost plenty of lustre with the age of ubiquitous smartphones, so if you want to sell chronometers in 2017, you have to go cool. For watchmaking outfit Maximilian Busser & Friends, that means expensive. And terrifying. Take its latest design, the Octopod, which not only tells the time, but provides a countdown for when it'll leap on your head, rip off your face and impersonate you at parties.


We've seen remote control aeroplanes powered by tiny jet engines before. But what's mind-blowing about this particular RC craft is that it weighs just 8kg but can blast through the skies at an astonishing 720km/h, making you wonder how any human has the reflexes needed to keep this thing from crashing.