Sam Raimi's Evil Dead trilogy is one of those series that has almost too much merchandise, in the form of toys, props, t-shirts — you name it, and it's probably been licensed. One thing we've never seen, though, is maybe the best of the bunch: this custom bird feeder that looks exactly like the haunted cabin from the films.


...Sort of. 300 years worth of audio engineering experience, at least. Samsung's brand new MS750 all-in-one soundbar is the result of a huge amount of exacting — and genuinely world-first — audio development at the company's multimillion-dollar Los Angeles lab. The end result is a soundbar that massively improves the sound from your TV, and it doesn't even need a subwoofer to hit the low notes.


Portuguese scientists have built robots that aren't programmed to perform tasks in the normal sense. They use algorithms that allow them to evolve their own behaviours by learning online.

The robots were even able to overcome faults in their motors, and adapt to changes in the tasks they were set.


I ordered it on eBay. When the four-ounce envelope arrived from New York three days later, it looked innocuous enough. It contained a finger-sized black plastic box, a small black antenna to screw onto that box, and two glass fuses. It was designed to fit into a car's 12-volt electrical socket — that thing that used to hold a cigarette lighter.


At Lenovo's Tech World conference in San Francisco last week, the company showed off Folio, a fully-functional prototype with flexible screen that allows it to transform from a smartphone-sized mobile device to a larger tablet. The idea, of course, is to put the best features of both devices into a gadget you can easily carry in your pocket.


Western Digital's My Passport SSD promises to be the company's fastest portable drive yet - especially designed content creators and tech enthusiasts, it boasts "exceptional" speed and portability to manage massive files on the go.

Here's all the details on where you can grab one, and what it will set you back.