Calculators are awesome, but they're not always handy. More to the point, no one wants to be seen reaching for the calculator on their mobile phone when it's time to figure out a 15 per cent gratuity. Here are ten tips to help you crunch numbers in your head.


T2 Trainspotting came out in Australia this week, and I'm apprehensive.

There's always some fear surrounding sequels — they're often seen as inferior money making grabs. Although many follow ups tend to disappoint in one way or another, they're not all bad. In fact, some surpass the first. Here are some of the best that you can watch right now.


Jordan Vogt Roberts offers an update on his Metal Gear Solid movie. Tom Hiddleston talks about Loki's reaction to two new players in Thor: Ragnarok. Brie Larson talks about the inevitable controversy behind one aspect of Captain Marvel. Plus, what evil is still in store for David on Legion, and new Ghost in the Shell posters. Spoilers get!


Wonder Woman wasn't always a member of DC's holy trinity of superheroes. She was just another hero in the DC lineup. Sometimes she kicked arse, sometimes she watched her pal Etta Candy eat hams, and sometimes she was a powerless spy stalking Steve Trevor. But in 1972 Gloria Steinem put Wonder Woman on the cover of Ms. Magazine, instantly improving the hero's cultural cache and elevating her from also ran into one of America's most iconic heroes.