Yesterday's Supergirl finale was excellent in so many ways, giving us big moment after big moment, badarse Supergirl fight after badarse Supergirl fight, and a whole host of teases for potential threats coming in the next season. We loved just about all of it, but nothing more than the mysterious final epic worldkiller that is headed to Earth to doom any chance Kara has at happiness. I have a theory as to who that is.


A few short years ago, we were all mostly stuck watching broadcast free-to-air TV: news broadcasts, soaps, daytime TV, cartoons in the arvo, news at night and prime-time drama after that. But that's not the done thing any more.

All of Netflix's shows are available all the time — and the worldwide streaming giant knows exactly what you want, and when you want to watch it. As it turns out, Australia wants its cartoons first thing, drama at lunch and comedy in bed late at night.


On TV, we have become used to seeing a lot of sex and nudity on certain networks and in certain TV shows. Game of Thrones is the most famous of the lot, causing the term "sexposition" to be coined for how it paired important information with sex and nudity to keep the audience engaged. Sex is titillation, something forbidden or scandalous enough to get attention from an audience. But that's not how American Gods approaches it at all.


Video: We've gotten a few evocative trailers for Spike TV's eerie, violent Stephen King adaptation, The Mist. Now we have a behind-the-scenes featurette that explains a bit more about the characters, and how the show will focus not just on how they're affected by the titular menace, but also on how living in terror will reshape the community at its core.


While History of the World Part I might be the most obvious Mel Brooks movie to get a sequel (of course, there being only one of those is part of the joke), Spaceballs has aged incredibly well. Not only is science fiction huge in movies again, but the same franchises lampooned in that film are back in a big way. And it's that phenomena that Mel Brooks says is re-kickstarting Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money.