It seems a little weird that a show about a bunch of aliens integrating on Earth would focus primarily on something as culturally specific as Valentine's Day, but that's what Supergirl did! The show also used the opportunity to introduce one of Super-canon's best villains: Mr Mxyzptlk. But the fifth-dimensional imp/British man wasn't the episode's best surprise guest.


The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America has announced its 2016 Nebula Award nominees — honouring the best works of sci-fi and fantasy published in the US — as well as its Bradbury (for dramatic presentation, with Westworld cracking the film-heavy category) and Norton (for YA works) nominees.


The Brisbane Broncos show they have a heart of steel as Iron Man, the Melbourne Storm will come crashing down on the opposition with the strength of Thor, the Sydney Roosters will suit up as the agile Spider-Man and I will forever be amazed I'm writing about sports on what is essentially a geek site but they are wearing Marvel jerseys, dammit.