Tetsuya Nomura is best known for his design work on Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts (for better or for worse). But he's also known for designing the world's most bizarre Batman figure, which turned the Dark Knight into... well, the giant Final Fantasy dragon-god Bahamut, basically. Now he's back to do the same to the Joker, and it's just as wacky.


It is well documented that we — we being James and Katharine — are obsessed with the names in Star Wars. We even have our own not-at all-scientific rating system to judge our favourite, comical names from the galaxy far, far away: The Poe Dameron Scale™. And we are proud now to introduce the PDS to the world.


Disney's foundation may have been built on animation, but these days, Disney is powered by franchises. That's especially true in the theme parks, where major expansions have recently been announced based on some of Disney's newer, blockbuster franchises such as Star Wars, Marvel and... Avatar. And while you may have no feelings about James Cameron's 2009 mind-bogglingly successful film, I think you'll feel very differently if you enter the world of Pandora at Disney World.


Patrick Hines' graphic novel "Camp Redblood and The Essential Revenge" goes to show that given enough time, you can do pretty much anything with the most rudimentary of tools. Short of cracking open a hex editor and inputting the RGB values yourself, Microsoft's Paint is as basic as it gets to creating art. Somehow, Hines managed to craft an exquisite series of cartoons and publish them via ebook using the lowliest of image editors.


Some very ominous news about The Last Jedi. The New Mutants movie is taking a surprising direction. The Doctor may change, but Doctor Who itself doesn't appear to be going anywhere. Plus: A tease about the setting of the Wonder Woman sequel, and hints about the monsters of Stranger Things' second season! Spoiler ho, me mateys!