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Med-Beq checks out a passing Anakin Skywalker in Attack of the Clones. (Screenshot: Lucasfilm)

The Too-Short Story of Ahmed Best’s Other Star Wars Roles

We are, at long last, living in the early days of what is a long-overdue Ahmed Best renaissance. After years of horrifying torment the actor received for having the audacity to bring Jar Jar Binks to life, Star Wars (both its fandom and its institution) has accepted Best into its…

Cliff working on a car while Dorothy watches. (Image: DC Universe)

Doom Patrol’s Second Season Is Working Through Some Personal Shit

If Doom Patrol were a comic book — not that comic book, but rather a comic based on the live-action series — one might safely assume that the consequences of season one’s gloriously demented finale would be dealt with off-panel, in the narrative void. Even though the show has prided…