If you've wanted a cheap laptop — especially a cheap convertible tablet/laptop hybrid — Chromebooks have typically been the best option. Sure, we've seen some super cheap Windows PCs over the years, but rarely have we seen a $US200 ($261) Windows convertible. Dell has a low-end two-in-one, but super-cheap Windows laptops with touch screens are still fairly uncommon.¬†


Have you heard? PC gaming is cool now. We've got shiny 4K graphics and ultrawide monitors and 240Hz and everything. Even EB Games is jumping on the PC gaming bandwagon. It's selling $2000 pre-built gaming PCs running Windows 10, built for Overwatch and DOTA 2 and League Of Legends and the latest Call of Duty.


Your desktop is the first sight you see when you switch your computer on, and there's nothing worse than flicking that computer on and finding yourself staring at a cluttered mess. A tidy looking desktop is just as satisfying as a tidy house, and a lot easier to maintain.


Slim laptops with half-decent dedicated graphics are hard to come by. Slim gaming laptops that look good are harder again. Beyond Alienware and its ilk, we've always been fans of Razer's skinny Blade — and now you can buy the latest hardware update of the 14-inch machine in Australia.