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Our fellow Supra-arrival-breath-holders over at have posted an alleged leaked, internal BMW document that shows a huge list of BMW internal model codes, and some crucial specs. The document lists a huge number of BMW models, including the J29 platform ones that we'll know as the Supra. Sadly, a manual transmission doesn't seem to be on the list.


Every man and his dog is making a performance-oriented sports car in 2017. But alongside parent company Hyundai's i30 N, Kia has an attractive entrant in the upcoming Stinger GT — and it won't cost you the earth. You'll pay a surprisingly reasonable price for the Stinger, including the top-spec, top-speed GT.


A new report estimates more than one Australian will die every day – 394 a year - from falling asleep at the wheel of a vehicle or from industrial accidents due to lack of sleep.

With four in 10 Australians not getting enough sleep, experts are saying drowsy drivers should be treated like drunks - barred from driving.


The Australian Automobile Association has included major regional centres in its Transport Affordability Index for the first time, with Wagga Wagga, Geelong, Townsville, Bunbury, Mount Gambier, Launceston and Alice Springs now a part of the report.

Some interesting information has come from the index - including that households in regional centres are paying a whole lot more than city slickers for their fuel.


You are awoken by the distant sound of a low, confident horn. The time is earlier than you normally get up in the morning, but you are calm and surprisingly clear headed, not upset. The air is cool and damp, and something draws you out into the street. You look down the foggy road, the blue light of morning not yet bringing the day to life, and then you spot it on the horizon waiting for you.