Bali is a lovely place, if you get out of Kuta and travel to somewhere nice and picturesque like Ubud. That's exactly where filmmaker Sam Evans went when he put together this 360-degree 4K video, which makes Australia's favourite holiday destination look nicer than it has any right to.


Turns out you can make a camera from just about anything. Even a cardboard box with a hole in it. Because the process is so simple (as long as you're not expecting to compete with Hasselblad), it gives creative people a lot of leeway to experiment with the photo-capturing process. Like, say, replacing your lens with thousands upon thousands of straws.


At a tech conference last September, former NYPD commissioner Bill Simmons said that outfitting the department's entire patrol unit (roughly 24,000 officers) with body cameras would be almost impossibly expensive, costing up to "hundreds of millions of dollars". But on Tuesday, the City of New York announced just that: Every NYPD officer will have body cameras by the end of 2019. So what changed?


Video: Mounting a GoPro onto a sword and then watching it chop the hell out of things is awesome, but it isn't as easy as I thought. You can't just tape a camera down on one end of the blade and hope for the best, because the shot will look all wacky. The sword moves too fast so it's all blurry, the camera angle is capturing the wrong thing and everything is bad.