Days after a Baltimore cop was suspended for unwittingly filming himself apparently planting evidence, the Baltimore Public Defender's Office has announced that they have uncovered a second video, with a different group of cops, which also "appears to depict multiple officers working together to manufacture evidence". Additionally, prosecutors announced on Friday that they will drop felony drug and guns charges in 34 cases linked to testimony from the three officers in the original video. As many as 77 cases are still being reviewed.


Image Cache: When you capture Australia at just the right angle, it can look more than foreign — it can look properly alien. That's the end result of these photos from Canon's 'Down Under From Above' aerial photography project, which turn Shark Bay on the WA coast into an orange and teal masterpiece that looks like something out of The Martian.


Unsurprisingly, the latest AI advancement in body camera technology comes no closer to increasing police accountability or officer transparency. As the public's push for body cameras has died down, tech companies are now making their own appeal for body cameras to the police departments that buy them: Offering sharper, smarter surveillance.


It's been a rough few years for photographer David Slater, the disputed owner of those monkey selfies from 2011. Slater found himself in an interesting legal quandary after his ownership of the famous photos was disputed by the likes of PETA and even Wikipedia. Now, Slater is apparently struggling financially, the costs of the ongoing court battles all but draining his coffers.


Nest, the ecosystem of connected home cameras and gadgets backed by Google and Alphabet, is launching into Australia. It's not talking about speeds and feeds, though, so much as it is peace of mind — about the security of knowing that your house is being monitored when you go on holiday, about the safety of knowing your smoke alarm is working when you switch off the light late at night. With the philosophy that its simple approach to two serious topics — home security and fire safety — are backed by some impressive user-friendly tech, it's set to shake things up.