After acquiring the "Beam" streaming service a year ago, Microsoft rebranded it as "Mixer", and has now brought it to iOS and Android. The streaming tech already features in Windows 10 and Xbox One, but now you can download an app and send your handheld gaming moments out to the world.

As resources dwindle and users of free, open-source office software continue to swing towards LibreOffice, the OpenOffice development team is considering its options -- one of those being a retirement plan.

NBN Co has moved 1.2 million premises from the "HFC" pile to the "FTTN" pile in its construction planning, which is bad news for anyone living in those premises. As for who that is exactly, we'll have to wait a little longer to find out.

We're having a small spot of rain over in Sydney at the moment, and I hear it's not too nice pretty much all the way around the east coast. Here's the story according to the Twitterverse.

Remember Euclideon? The Brisbane-based technology house famous for showing off highly detailed graphics in laser-scanned areas? It's back, this time with the Holoverse, a massive "holographic arcade".

We're already starting to see basic AI for setting up meetings and handling the most basic communications. But the next round of AI aims to provide more than just a time-saver. For this purpose, Silicon Valley is turning to poets, playwrights, and screenplay writers to give AI more emotional intelligence.

The folks over at Polygraph have decided there's "all rhetoric and no data" surrounding the debate around diversity in Hollywood, so they've taken 2,000 screenplays and put them through the magic data machine to lots of graphs with big blue bars and smaller red bars. Have a guess which is which.

They say if you want to hide a dead body, ditch it in the 2nd page of Google search results. Even the word "Google" is used as a verb: To search online. When Google was on the rise, people used to post numbers all the time showing competition among search engines. It's been a while, and Roy Morgan has some new numbers to show just how dominant Google has become in Australia.

The Microsoft Store in Sydney's CBD is having a bit of a Boxing Day sale that just happens to be going way beyond Boxing Day. Which is a good thing, because it was hard enough to move a few feet in any direction in the CBD a few days ago, let alone get to all the shops you wanted to.