This Year’s Funniest-Looking Pets Are Here

This Year’s Funniest-Looking Pets Are Here
Photo: Kenichi Morinaga

In bleak times, funny-looking animals are worth their weight in gold. So it’s with great pleasure that Gizmodo presents the finalists from this year’s Comedy Pet Photography Awards.

The contest was founded by photographers Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam and is a spinoff of their earlier project, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. In collaboration with Animal Friends Pet Insurance, the organisation will also donate over $US30,000 ($41,646) to three animal charities this year, while the top photographer will receive a cash prize of over $US2,000 ($2,776) and an extra $US5,000 ($6,941) to donate to their charity of choice.

The shortlist in 2022 features 26 photos and 4 videos selected from hundreds of entries submitted in nearly 70 countries. The final winners — which will include an entry voted on by the public — will be announced this September.

“Nilo’s Love for Water”

Photo: Jose BayonPhoto: Jose Bayon

Nilo, seen here as a 10-month-old pup, almost didn’t survive getting hit by a car at a very young age. But he’s since recovered and has now discovered the joys of running head-first through sprinkled water.

“Boom Boom”

These cats in Japan are engaging in the forbidden feline art of mind-melding.

“I’m not full yet!”

Photo: Karl GoldhamerPhoto: Karl Goldhamer

Lissi, who has since gone over the rainbow bridge, is here portraying the natural state of cathood: displeased with their humans.

“Oh I do like a scratch and tickle”

Photo: Bob MoorePhoto: Bob Moore

There’s something about getting scratched in just the right place to light up the rest of your day.

“Now, how do I upload my pics?”

Photo: Kenichi MorinagaPhoto: Kenichi Morinaga

Is this an allegory for how the relentless presence of technology drives us to self-destruction? Or an example of why we should never trust our cats to be left to their own devices?

“Chauffeur Dog”

Photo: Mehmet AslanPhoto: Mehmet Aslan

There’s simply no way this driver would receive anything less than five stars for their service.

“Too desperate”

Photo: Kazutoshi ONOPhoto: Kazutoshi ONO

Even cats can be a little too clingy at times.

“Shakin hedgehog”

Photo: Alessandro PoPhoto: Alessandro Po

This may look like the latest Marvel villain, but it’s actually Max the dog fresh off a jaunty swim in the lake.

“Jack the Cat stuck in the hedge”

Photo: Freya SharpePhoto: Freya Sharpe

Uhhhh, a little help here?

“Revenge of the Tennis Ball”

Photo: Christopher JohnsonPhoto: Christopher Johnson

It was fated that one day, the tennis ball would return to seek vengeance for the careless slobber spewed onto it by countless canines. Sadly, Star was ill-prepared for its arrival.


Photo: Kazutoshi OnoPhoto: Kazutoshi Ono

The life of a domestic cat is filled with arduous work and sacrifice — and sometimes a little fine art.

“Dave and Dudley”

Photo: Judy NussenblattPhoto: Judy Nussenblatt

Like so many of us, Dave and Dudley let their hair grow out during the early days of the pandemic. But they still pull it off with style.

“Goofy Bun”

Photo: Sarah von KeitzPhoto: Sarah von Keitz

Fibunacci the rabbit is many things, but unkempt is not one of them. While it may be hard to tell what he’s up to at first glance, he’s actually just cleaning his ears.

“Dashing through the snow”

Photo: Marko JovanovicPhoto: Marko Jovanovic

Carter was once close to being euthanised before being rescued by his owners. But now, he gets to live life to the fullest, which includes diving right into the snow.

“Purr-etty Pleeeaase!”

Photo: Sarah Fiona HelmePhoto: Sarah Fiona Helme

Rosie the cat isn’t above manipulating your emotions to get what she wants.

“Mine, not yours!”

Photo: Lucy Sellors-DuvalPhoto: Lucy Sellors-Duval

Benji will stop at nothing to get his paws on the promised treats before his brother Doug can.

“I’m talking to you”

Photo: Stefan BrusiusPhoto: Stefan Brusius

German photographer Stefan Brusius was snapped a candid shot of this goose right after she strutted across a meadow, ate some greens, and then began to scold him.

“Werewolf 2.0″

Photo: Karl GoldhamerPhoto: Karl Goldhamer

Even half-man, half-dog hybrids need some time in the shade to rest.

“OMG What Is That”

Photo: Beth NoblePhoto: Beth Noble

It takes a lot for CK to be surprised these days, but they make the most of their astonishment.

“Happy Horses”

Photo: Radim FilipekPhoto: Radim Filipek

Czech photographer Radim Filipek took this snapshot of a happy horse and her 3-day-old son Monty. But it could also be you and your friends laughing far too hard at an inside joke that you’ve long since forgotten the origins of.

“Hello Penny!”

Photo: Holly StranksPhoto: Holly Stranks

Penny’s not mad that you snuck off to go to the alcohol party, she’s just disappointed.


Photo: Peter CechPhoto: Peter Cech

Cats and dogs may have a reputation for shared enmity, but these two best friends only see a good place to nap on.

“Remember Muttley”

Photo: Bernard SimPhoto: Bernard Sim

There are truly few things more precious on this earth than a smiling dog.

“Grandmistress Candy”

Photo: Jonathan CaseyPhoto: Jonathan Casey

Tragically, Candy the tabby cat lost this year’s grand finals match when she inexplicably began knocking every piece down onto the floor while staring intently into her owner’s eyes, as if daring them to stop her.

“Hitching a lift!”

Photo: Neville TaitPhoto: Neville Tait

Typically, it’s humans using dogs to navigate through a snowy landscape. But Oscar was able to turn the tables on his owner Bowen as the boy grabbed a piece of plastic to slide down the hill.

“Smokin’ Alpaca”

Photo: Stefan BrusiusPhoto: Stefan Brusius

Joe Camel, eat your heart out.