The Best Smart Mugs to Ditch the Taste of a Lukewarm Coffee

The Best Smart Mugs to Ditch the Taste of a Lukewarm Coffee
Image: Ember
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Do you ever pour yourself a steaming hot cup of tea or coffee, burn your tongue on the scalding water then decide to set your mug down and completely forget you made one in the first place? If that sounds like you, you should invest in a temperature-controlled smart mug because no one likes lukewarm coffee sloshing around in their mouths.

With a smart mug, you can enjoy your beverage of choice at the temperature you like. After all, self-confessed coffee snobs or tea lovers know just how important water temperature is when it comes to enjoying the perfect cup.

What can you do with a temperature control smart mug?

With a smart mug, you can opt to alter your drink’s temperature to your preferred setting. Many of us don’t like our tea scalding hot and that’s perfectly normal. Nobody likes burning their tongues or having their taste eliminated for the next 24 hours. Or experiencing that peculiar metallic taste in the hours afterward.

After all, if we can have smart phones, smart lighting and smart security systems, why can’t we have a smart mug that allows you to enjoy your drink at your own pace?

But if you’re one of those types who are always on the go, never fear because there’s a smart mug for that too. Some of us don’t have the time to leisurely enjoy a cup of coffee before we leave the house and rely on caffeine to reinvigorate us from sleep-deprived zombie status.

Thankfully, some great thinkers have invented smart travel mugs too, which can temperature control your drink as you make your way to work or the gym. You might be thinking about the ancient way of the thermos, but no, this type of smart mug is on a whole new playing field.

Most will require you to charge them the night before so you can enjoy a hot cuppa for up to six hours the next day — but at your desired temperature setting. You don’t need to worry about the heat being released every time you unscrew the lid, because a temperature control travel mug will reheat your beverage for the next time you open it.

The best temperature control smart mugs you can buy in Australia

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

Ember smart mug
Image: Ember

This bestselling and highly-rated smart mug by Ember is perhaps the most popular you’ll see online or at a friend’s home. It sports a minimalistic and sleek design that comes in many different colours, such as black, rose gold and copper to name a few (though prices vary).

Not only will you be able to control the temperature of your drink, but you’ll also have the option to control it all from your smartphone. That includes presetting your preferred temperature and sending you notifications so you don’t forget about it through the Ember app.

It can function without a Wi-Fi connection and can remember your settings, as well as intelligently turn itself off after up to two hours of inactivity. But if you do spontaneously remember to return to it three hours later, it will automatically turn itself back on once it senses any movement or liquid being poured into its cup.

Where to buy

Amazon ($170) | eBay ($254 using code SNSHOGA)

BESTINNKITS Smart Coffee Cup Warmer Set

BESTINNKITS heated mug

This smart mug uses gravity-induction technology to turn itself on or off by sensing when your mug is placed down on its electric coaster.

The best thing about this smart mug set is that you aren’t restricted to using the mug it comes with. Other ceramic mugs are compatible and will stay warm if you place it on the heating pad. This is good news for dishwasher-safe mugs that will help to reduce clean up back at home. Just make sure it has a flat and thin bottom to ensure maximum toastiness.

Where to buy

Amazon ($49.99)

Hot Cookie Cup Warmer

cookie cup warmer
Image: Kogan

If you want a coffee cup warmer with some pizazz, try one of these adorable, inedible Oreo or donut-shaped smart mug plates. Not only will they look appropriate beneath your morning tea, but they’ll also add a little extra personality to your office desk. Both are designed to be plugged into your laptop to enjoy while you work.

Where to buy

Donut ($23.45) | Oreo Cookie ($24)

FK Factory Smart Coffee Mug Warmer

The Best Smart Mugs to Ditch the Taste of a Lukewarm Coffee
Image: FK Factory

We all know someone in the office or at home who is forgetful as anything. While they’re rushing back and forth between meetings, it’s likely their cup of coffee sits neglected on their desk. For $34.20, this is among one of the cheapest heated mugs you can find on offer, which makes it the perfect surprise gift for a friend or colleague.

This one comes with a smart LED display, so you can always double check what temperature it’s sitting at, plus its waterproof in case of any spills (it happens to the best of us). However, this mug warmer is limited to only two temperature settings, but that’s not so bad considering you can set its timer to run for up to nine hours.

Just please don’t mistake this mug warmer as a wireless charging pad.

Where to buy

Amazon ($37.50) | eBay ($35.99)

DevSatya Smart Coffee Mug

The Best Smart Mugs to Ditch the Taste of a Lukewarm Coffee
Image: DevSatya

Perhaps you already own a smart mug and you’re looking for a presentable one to gift to a friend. We love this gift package because it’s porcelain and resembles a tea set. Plus, it comes in four stunning colour options: black, white, green and pink.

The heating pad is also ceramic but doesn’t allow you to customise it to your preferred drinking temperature.

Where to buy

Amazon ($49.99)

Ember Temperature-Control Mug 2

Ember heated travel mug
Image: Ember

On the move? There’s no need to pour that cup of morning sunshine down the drain. Instead, transfer that cup of joe into this handy Ember smart travel mug and get going.

Not only does it sport all of the features of the regular mug warmer mentioned above, but it offers an extra three hours of battery life on a single charge.

Where to buy

Amazon ($300) | eBay ($375.60 with code SNSHOGA)