Mondo Has a Monstrous Amount of Godzilla Exclusives at San Diego Comic-Con

Mondo Has a Monstrous Amount of Godzilla Exclusives at San Diego Comic-Con
Image: Toei/Mondo

When Godzilla wades ashore, he usually leaves a swath of destruction behind him. But if you’re travelling to San Diego Comic-Con, the only swath of destruction might be to your wallet, courtesy of Mondo’s many Godzilla and Godzilla-adjacent releases. Don’t worry if you’re not attending the con: some of these will also be available on the MondoShop website. But you can worry about them selling out quickly, since they’re limited, so… I don’t know, just worry as much as you feel is appropriate.

Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II Soundtrack San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Colorway

Image: Toei/MondoImage: Toei/Mondo

The first-ever vinyl release of Akira Ifukube’s soundtrack from the 1993 epic Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II gets a special Comic-Con variant thanks to a “spot varnish die-cut sleeve housing full-colour gatefold jacket and pressed on SDCC exclusive ‘Mega-Buster vs Heat Ray’ vinyl with a screen print on Side D.” If you want it, you’ll have to head to Mondo’s booth on Thursday, July 21 with $US45 ($62) in hand before all 2000 copies are sold out. Here’s the track listing, which is rather fascinating unto itself:



Main Title

G-Force Training Centre

The Egg of Adonoa Island

Rodan Appears

Godzilla vs. Rodan

The Music of an Ancient Plant

Baby Godzilla is Born

Baby and Azusa

Godzilla Appears in Yokkaichi

Mechagodzilla Sortie


Mechagodzilla Touch Down Preparation

The Supreme King’s Advent

Electrical Discharge Attack

G-Force March

Godzilla Leaves Kyoto

Baby’s Transportation

Mechagodzilla Repair Work

Garuda Simulation

Kazuma and Azusa

ESPer Chorus

The Bird of Fire

The Serenade of a Starlit Sky

Rodan Attacks Sendai

Rodan with Baby’s Container I


Mechagodzilla Re-Sortie

Garuda Sortie March

Rodan with Baby’s Container II

Garuda vs. Rodan

Mechagodzilla vs. Rodan

Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla I

Search Eye


Rodan Withers

Godzilla’s Revival

Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II

Parting with Baby

From Miki to Baby



Screen print

Jet Jaguar Cherry Blossom Glow-in-the-Dark Vinyl Figure

Image: Toei/MondoImage: Toei/Mondo

The fan-favourite robot with the Jack Nicholson grin gets this retro vinyl from Rocom and sculptor Tufan Sezer. The difference from the original is the rosy decor on Jet’s metal frame, but look how happy he is about it! Only 400 figures will be available, either at Mondo’s Comic-Con booth beginning Wednesday, July 20, or for pre-order on MondoShop this Thursday for $US95 ($132).

Godzilla vs. Biollante Poster (Sofubi Variant)

Image: Toei/MondoImage: Toei/Mondo

The poster so nice I’ll show it twice. Tom Whalen’s gorgeous take on Godzilla’s battle with the giant plant monster Biollante will be $US85 ($118) at Mondo’s Comic-Con booth on Wednesday, July 20. Snap it up quickly, as only 150 copies were made.

Biollante Cherry Blossom Glow-in-the-Dark Vinyl Figure

Image: Toei/MondoImage: Toei/Mondo

The hideous plant monster Biollante decided to forgo his natural mutated rose form to go cherry blossom-viewing with Jet Jaguar in this figure both designed, sculpted, and painted by Hector Arce. Unlike Jet, however, he’ll only be available for pre-order on MondoShop beginning Thursday at $US125 ($174).

Hedorah Anatomy/Little Godzilla Posters

Image: Toei/MondoImage: Toei/Mondo

Which is more horrifying, the interior organs of Hedorah the Smog Monster or the manic smile of Little Godzilla, echoing the nightmare that is his hideous offspring Minilla? Only 220 of the former poster by Mike Sutfin will be available for $US50 ($69), while the latter poster by Jason Edmiston is limited to 175 and $US45 ($62), so you tell me. The Hedorah poster will go on sale at MondoShop on Thursday, while an orange/black/white variant of Hedorah and the Lil’ G poster will be sold at Mondo’s con booth.

Godzilla vs. Takoro Poster

Image: Toei/MondoImage: Toei/Mondo

Godzilla finally tussles with Attack Peter’s beloved, self-engineered kaiju Takoro in this poster by, who else? Attack Peter. It’s $US100 ($139), limited to 120 copies, and will be available at the Mondo booth on Friday, July 22.

Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster Movie Poster

Image: Toei/MondoImage: Toei/Mondo

This gorgeous poster for Godzilla’s first match-up with Ghidorah comes from Kim Jung-Gi. The white poster is $US100 ($139) and limited to 220 copies and will be available online, while the more vintage-tinted poster is $US150 ($208), limited to 120, and will only be available at Mondo’s booth — both on Saturday, July 23.

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