How To Watch the Biggest Electric Motorsport Championships From Australia

How To Watch the Biggest Electric Motorsport Championships From Australia
Image: FIA
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Electric motorsport streaming in Australia? It’s more likely than you think.

Electric motorsport has been a thing for decades now, but it’s not overly popular compared to GT Touring, the MotoGP and giants like NASCAR and Formula 1.

That being said, there are a lot of worthwhile electric motorsport championships that you can watch from Australia.

So, if you’re an electric vehicle enthusiast whose been meaning to get into some EV motorsport, here’s how you can stream championships from Australia.

Formula E

Formula E is the king of the electric motorsport championships at the moment, operating as a sort of sideshow to Formula 1.

The highest class of racing for electrically-powered single-seat racing cars, Formula E began in 2014. The championship includes several teams, including Avalanche/Andretti, Dragon/Penske, DS Techeetah, Envision Racing, Jaguar, Mahindra, Mercedes, Nio, Nissan, Rokit Venturi and Tag Heuer/Porsche.

It’s billed as the “battle for the future”, paving the way for the cars of tomorrow. Cars go from 0-100km/h in 2.8 seconds, with a top speed of 280km/h.

Extreme E

Extreme E is a very interesting class of motorsport, one that is being added to Forza Horizon 5 as part of its season 10 update.

Extreme E is an international off-road racing series, where every car is the electric Odyssey 21, purpose-built for the series.

“In order to withstand the harsh conditions it will face, the car’s peak 400kw (550bhp) output is capable of firing the 1780-kilogram, 2.3-metre wide e-SUV from 0-62mph in 4.5 seconds, at gradients of up to 130 per cent,” the website reads.

The battery is produced by Williams Advanced Engineering and the vehicles are comprised of standard parts manufactured by Spark Racing Technology.

The series is envisioned as “Star Wars Pod Racing meets Dakar Rally”, and races take place in remote parts of the world like the artic, deserts and in rainforests: particularly parts of the world impacted by climate change. It began last year and the current season is comprised of 10 teams.


eTouring is a touring car series for electric vehicles. It held its inaugural season in 2021 and is today comprised of six teams with 12 cars (two Romeo Ferrari teams, two Hyundai teams and two Cupra teams).

The series organisers supply the powertrains, whereas manufacturers use their own chassis and bodywork. Races involve a rallycross format, where several short-round races happen, leading into a finale.

Teams and cars are especially limited in eTouring, but we suspect the number of vehicles entering the series begin to rise as it goes on.

The RX1e rally series

Finishing off our list is an upcoming series that hasn’t even had its first race yet, but one that we’re keeping our eyes on.

Kicking off on August 13-14 in Hell, Norway, the RX1e is an electric rally series featuring 14 cars and a mixture between dirt and sealed road surfaces.

Hanson Motorspot/Peugot and GCK Motorsport/Lancia have released renders of their cars for the series.

  • Streaming partners for Australia are to be announced.

If you’ve got a favourite all-electric series that we haven’t mentioned here, give us a shout. We’d love to see a production car series at some point, perhaps featuring Teslas, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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