CaraBoat: It’s a Caravan That Floats

CaraBoat: It’s a Caravan That Floats
Image: CaraBoat

If you like caravans but also like boats, have I got something for you.

Enter CaraBoat: the caravan that’s also a boat.

According to CaraBoat, its vehicles are designed to perform equally well on land and in the water. Basically, the pitch is you get what you get in a caravan without compromising how the boat handles water.

“For example, its high bow and freeboard mean you won’t get wet when travelling. It has great stability, full vision when driving and you can even travel on the water with the front hatch open,” you love to hear it.

CaraBoat says one of its main focuses when designing the caravan boat was ensuring easy access on both land and water. To access land, you climb down three steps at the rear. If you’re parked against a jetty or wharf, access is via the side at the rear. If pulled up on a beach or riverbank, CaraBoat says you can “simply walk on in no more than ankle-deep water”.

As it’s a boat, it comes with mooring cleats, but there’s a warning that the CaraBoat isn’t recommended for open ocean use. Rather it’s designed for calm, inland waters and will comfortably handle wind chop up to 0.3 meters.

There are three models available in Australia: the 750, 790 and 870. And they look exactly how you’d hope they look.

Image: CaraBoat

The CaraBoat 750 is the smallest ‘deluxe’ model – it’s only 7.5 metres long. It can sleep up to four people, still. It’s got a starting price of $147,750.

The CaraBoat 790 is the company’s newest model and “puts a neat spin on the more traditional CaraBoat 750”. It’s nearly identical, with the same internal layout and included features, but relies on a single engine rather than twins. Oh, the price starts at $144,750.

And lastly, the CaraBoat 870. The internal layout is very similar to the 750 model, but this guy is larger (by 1.2 metres), coming it at 8.7 metres. It will set you back a minimum of $156,500, however.

Anyway. Have a good day.

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