‘Didn’t Expect Demand To Be So High’, Musk Says on Tesla Model Y Australian Orders

‘Didn’t Expect Demand To Be So High’, Musk Says on Tesla Model Y Australian Orders
Image: Tesla

Good news, everyone! The Tesla Model Y has officially gone on sale in Australia with the launch of the design studio.

The bad news? Well, although this article originally reported that Model Y deliveries are planned for August to November, 2022 (as the website reflected at the time), it looks like new orders will have to wait until February to May, 2023. This was originally spotted by TechAU.

That’s right: it took about four days for the Tesla Model Y to be delayed into next year for some buyers. Elon Musk has said that they’re working on accelerating RHD Model Y production, not expecting demand to be so high.

The Tesla Model Y has long avoided the Australian market. It was originally meant to come here in 2021, although it was delayed by a year.

Now, despite my ramblings last month that the Tesla Model Y would avoid the Australian market for some time (which a previous version of this article indicated) we now know that the Tesla Model Y is, in fact, Australia-bound. Soon, too.

When will the Tesla Model Y launch in Australia?

In a press release sent from Tesla, the company says that first deliveries are planned for August to November, 2022. If you were to order a Model Y right now, the estimated delivery you’d be provided would be between February and may, 2023.

Right now, delays are observable across the entire EV market in Australia, with some companies only shipping 500 electric cars down under every year. That being said, you can head on over to the Tesla website and order your Model Y right now. We reckon buyers should expect delays like with the Model 3 range.

Rear-wheel drive models will ship initially.

How much will the Tesla Model Y be in Australia?

The rear-wheel drive Tesla Model Y will cost $72,300 in Australia. The dual motor all-wheel drive model will cost $96,700. These are before on-road costs. Unfortunately the price scrapes just above EV incentives in most states.

These prices are a bit different to earlier leaks. According to a pricing leak from earlier this year, the RWD model would have started at $67,990, whereas the AWD model would have cost $98,172. These were different prices to what was shown in the price configurator when the Model Y briefly went on sale in Australia earlier this year ($65,500 and $90,900, respectively).

Full self-driving capability is optional for an extra $10,100.

tesla australia availability
The Tesla Model Y. Image: Tesla

Tesla Model Y specs

The Tesla Model Y rear-wheel drive model is capable of about 455km range, whereas the dual motor all-wheel drive model is capable of about 514km range. The rear-wheel drive model can achieve 0-100km/h in 6.9 seconds, while the all-wheel drive model can do this in 3.7 seconds.

Additionally, both models are capable of storing 2,158 litres and include Tesla’s signature 15-inch infotainment display.

Is the Tesla Model Y a budget EV?

A budget EV? This is absolutely not the case, though many seem to think of it as the “budget Tesla”. The Tesla Model Y is not a budget EV, unless you consider it a budget alternative to the Model X, in which case it’s only a “budget” Tesla SUV.

If you’re thinking of a budget Tesla, you might be thinking of the few times that Tesla floated the idea of a “cheap” Tesla. Prices have previously been pitched at $41,646, $48,587 and $34,705, all converted in Australian prices, however Teslas with these prices obviously never happened.

Also, why would Tesla ever release a budget EV? The company is having a hard time filling all of its orders at the moment, there’s no need for them to bring prices any lower.

You can head over here to the Tesla Model Y Design Studio if you want to have a play.

This article has been updated since it was originally published.