Huge Swaths of the Internet Went Down During Cloudflare Outage

Huge Swaths of the Internet Went Down During Cloudflare Outage
Image: Smith Collection/Gado via Getty Images

A large number of websites went down late Tuesday, including many tied to Cloudflare, a web security company that provides services like protection against DDoS attacks. Websites and apps including Discord, Medium, Coinbase, Grindr, and DoorDash all appeared to be delivering errors, according to Down Detector.

“Cloudflare is investigating wide-spread issues with our services and/or network,” the service said on its status page at 4:57 pm AEST.

“Users may experience errors or timeouts reaching Cloudflare’s network or services. We will update this status page to clarify the scope of impact as we continue the investigation,” the statement went on.

Cloudflare’s own blog even delivered a “500 internal server error” on Tuesday.

Other websites impacted by the issues appeared to be League of Legends, Crunchyroll and Mediacom, according to Down Detector.

An hour later (around 6:00 pm AEST), Cloudflare said a fix had been implemented, but the company was still “monitoring the result”.

By 6:45 pm, Cloudflare was reporting that everything had returned to normal and “all systems” are “operational”.

This article has been updated since it was first published.