Revved Up: Cupra’s Line-up of Hybrids and EVs Headed to Australia

Revved Up: Cupra’s Line-up of Hybrids and EVs Headed to Australia
From left to right: the Terramar, the Tavascan and the UrbanRebel. Image: Cupra

There are tonnes of electric vehicles being shipped down under next year, and one of the more exciting brands to come to Australia is Cupra. I find it particularly interesting because the company is still meddling with hybrids, even though much of the hype I’ve heard around the brand is as an electric car company.

Cupra is a Spanish subsidiary of Volkswagen, one of the biggest vehicle manufacturers in the world (you know, the makers of the Beetle and the Golf). This week, Cupra announced three new vehicles, which Aussies will see sometime in the next three years.

Though it has some petrol-fuelled cars in its range and is mostly made up of hybrids, the company is gearing up to release its final internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle, releasing hybrids and electric cars from 2024, after the car’s release. The company wants to be 100 per cent electric from 2030, with internal combustion engine production ceased. Additionally, the company revealed two new electric cars, which should be coming to Australia in 2025.

So, with the electric-heavy company Cupra fast approaching Australia, what do Aussie electric vehicle buyers need to know? Is this a rival to Tesla and Polestar?

Perhaps. Here’s the low-down.

Cupra in Australia: When will Cupra electric vehicles be on the road?

Orders for Cupra’s first Australian vehicles began in May, with deliveries set to be fulfilled within weeks. Here’s what vehicles make up the Australian range at launch.

cupra australia
From left to right: The Leon, the Ateca and the Formentor. Image: Cupra, compiled by Zachariah Kelly/Gizmodo Australia

As announced this week, the brand will be adding three new cars to its fleet: the Terramar, the Tavascan and the UrbanRebel. The Terramar is the last ICE vehicle in the collection (also available as a hybrid), with the other vehicles going all-electric. These vehicles are coming to Australia down the line.

The Terramar is planned for 2024 and the Tavascan and UrbanRebel are planned for 2025.

To be honest, hybrids are kind of boring when put beside the electric vehicles, and it’s a shame that the Ateca, a non-electric vehicle, will be joining the Australian range, despite growing electric vehicle demand. While it’s nice that Aussies will get the option of the Leon and the Formentor, my attention is focussed on the Born. Hopefully it’ll be a Tesla and Polestar contender. Additionally, the electric Tavascan and the UrbanRebel pique my interest.

Cupra electric vehicle range

Below you’ll find electric vehicle ranges for the Cupra line-up. We’ve removed the Ateca and the petrol-only Terramar considering, you know, they’re petrol vehicles.

Cupra Australia prices

Prices for the first three Australian Cupras have been confirmed.

  • Cupra Leon: Set to start at $43,990, plus on-road costs.
  • Cupra Formentor: Set to start at $50,690, plus on-road costs.
  • Cupra Ateca: Set to start at $60,990, plus on-road costs.

Pricing for the other Cupra vehicles in the Australian market is yet to be confirmed.

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