Lock Your Doors Because Stan’s New Show ‘From’ Will Get In Your Head

Lock Your Doors Because Stan’s New Show ‘From’ Will Get In Your Head
Image: Stan

A group of crows is considered a murder, while ravens are referred to as an unkindness. If you see either, chances are you’re in for a bad time, at least as far superstition dictates. Unfortunately, that’s the case for the Matthews family in Stan’s epic new thriller series From.

From is a sci-fi/horror/thriller series starring Harold Perrineau (Lost), Catalina Sandino Moreno (Maria Full of Grace) and Eion Bailey (Band of Brothers). It unravels the mystery of a nightmarish town in middle America that traps all those who enter.

That last part was taken from Stan’s synopsis, and I truly wish I didn’t know that heading into watching episode one of From. Just a note that we won’t be spoiling the series, except for episode one. But don’t worry, there’s nine more to watch and we reckon you should definitely watch them all.

The first episode of From opens with an old-school American diner. It wasn’t scary by any means, but the whole scene was peppered with the looming fear that something bad was going to happen. This is either set back in the 70s or the townsfolk are just stuck in some sort of time-loop.

We’re introduced to a few of the characters, no one looks happy, and the cold open itself leaves a lot of unanswered questions. That’s where From hooks you. The opening credits are eerie, as We Gotta Get Out Of This Place by the Animals plays in the background. Subtle.

Then, we meet the Matthews family. A family of four travelling in an RV. They come across a fallen tree on the road, the catalyst for them entering the town you are yelling at the screen for them to avoid.

I won’t ruin too much more, but there’s murder, something supernatural, suspense, a town that somehow traps all who enter, brilliant cinematography and great acting.

I’ve left the trailer for last because I wish I didn’t know what was coming before I watched it, so if you’re keen on this, give the trailer a miss.


Stan’s From is gruesome, gripping and (looks at dictionary for another word starting with ‘G’)…good? It’s a little slow moving, but if they’re stuck in some sort of a time loop, it makes sense. The episode ends when it gets dark. We know we’re not safe after dark. Lock your doors, “They’re coming”.

You can catch From on Stan, with all 10 episodes dropping today, May 27.

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