Jack Leaves Twitter’s Board

Jack Leaves Twitter’s Board
Photo: Marco Bello, Getty Images

Jack’s officially calling it quits at Twitter…again.

Beginning today, the Twitter co-founder and former CEO will no longer serve on the company’s board of directors, Twitter said in an email to Gizmodo. Though the exit was expected since last November, it nonetheless marks the end of an era for Twitter at a time when it’s grappling with whether or not The Rocket Guy will actually follow through on his bid to take over the company.

Like most things involving Twitter and Dorsey, the co-founder’s final days as a board member weren’t exactly pretty. This week, in an interview with Bloomberg, former Twitter board member Jason Goldman slammed Dorsey for “backstabbing” the board after a reported meeting with Elon Musk where he allegedly told the Tesla CEO he believed Twitter would perform better as a private company. This, Goldman said, suggests Dorsey encouraged Musk to acquire the company.

“That to me is just a clear backstabbing of the board by the founder when they had a deal in hand to come to a standstill,” Goldman said. “What was really going on in those conservations between Elon and Jack?” he added.

Dorsey officially resigned from his role of CEO at Twitter last November. In his exit letter, the man of many faces said he believed the company had become too “founder-led,” an issue that was “severely limiting” the company. Prior to the departure, Jack was a part-time CEO, splitting his time with his other company, Block.

That’s Dorsey’s take at least. Others meanwhile speculated Dorsey was pushed out just one year after “surviving” a 2020 coup attempt by ​​GOP backed hedge fund Elliott Management. Long-time Twitter followers will remember this actually wasn’t the first time Dorsey walked away from the company. Dorsey was first yanked out in 2008, a year after becoming CEO, only to eventually reclaim his mantle three years later.

Dorsey’s fractured role at Twitter resurfaced again earlier this year when he publicly voiced support of Musk’s attempt to take over the company. “Elon is the singular solution I trust,” he wrote.

Now that Dorsey’s lost his board seat though, another return seems less likely. But not impossible.