Stop Sharing Your Netflix Password, or We’ll Get Ads

Stop Sharing Your Netflix Password, or We’ll Get Ads
The Netflix logo displayed at Netflix's Los Angeles headquarters. (Photo: Mario Tama, Getty Images)

Are you watching anything on Netflix these days? The streaming giant’s numbers haven’t been looking so good in recent weeks, and they’re bad enough that Netflix has sent out a letter to shareholders with a warning to expect the worse.

Our new co-host, Michelle Ehrhardt, joins us this week on her inaugural episode of Gadgettes to discuss why Netflix lost 200,000 subscribers this quarter. We’ll tell you what the company thinks it should do and why we think it shouldn’t crack down on friends and family sharing passwords. People tend to pay for a service if they find the content is worth watching. Maybe it’s time for Netflix to reconsider its maelstrom of prestige and reality TV programming and look to bring in viewers from other niches.

In our second segment, we invite Phillip Tracy to tell you about his new column, where the consumer tech team answers your burning gadget buying questions! If you’re thinking about making a significant gadget purchase yourself, check out the form to submit a question.

We also answer some of your questions! We start with which 5GHz-compatible smart bulbs to consider and why you might give up and go for Philips Hue and its hub-based bulb system. We’ll help you figure out if you should buy a NAS drive to run your home’s Plex server or default to the PC you already have upstairs. In the spirit of the stoner’s holiday, we’ll also help you find a new vape pen and explain why you might want to avoid anything that syncs with Bluetooth.

Finally, this week’s Gadgettes goes full weeb. Your co-hosts discuss their respective anime journeys. We’ll gush over how cool it was that Dragon Ball Z depicted such epic fight scenes and how Sailor Moon inspired us to look for manga at the school library.

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