Gizmodo Movie Night: 7 Shows You Can Binge-Watch From Episode One to Finale Over the Long Weekend

Gizmodo Movie Night: 7 Shows You Can Binge-Watch From Episode One to Finale Over the Long Weekend
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It’s well known that there is no better time to binge-watch an entire series than a long weekend. And wow, would you look at that? It’s the Easter long weekend! You know what that means, right? Binge-watching! Yes, that also means it’s time for another Gizmodo Movie Night to give you some recommendations.

Sure, you could spend your long weekend doing things like picnics, lunches and Easter egg hunts but you could also spend it chilling out on the couch watching these brilliant shows that were made to be binged.

I know, I know, shows aren’t technically made for us to binge-watch, but I don’t really see any other purpose in making a show these days.

What makes these shows perfect for your long weekend of binging is that most of them only have one or two seasons (with the exception of Stranger Things having three) so they’re super easy to watch the entire series in a few days.

So, whether you’ve never seen these before or they’ve become your go-to’s, these are the perfect shows for your long weekend.

Squid Game (2020)


Ah yes, the show that took the world by storm for its gripping and violent plot line which sees hundred of cash-hungry contestants take part in a series of deadly games

Squid Game is perfect for your long weekend binge because there’s only one season that you can pretty easily watch over four days (a second season is coming, however).

It’s actually physically hard to stop yourself from watching Squid Game all in one go, despite how bloody and gruesome it can be. You’ll always find yourself clicking “Next Episode” even though you should have gone to bed hours beforehand.

That’s why it’s the perfect show to squeeze in your binge-watch at home. Just grab your Easter eggs and enjoy watching people die in child-like games.

Squid Game is currently streaming on Netflix.

American Horror Story (2011-)

What makes American Horror Story one of those shows that are perfect to binge-watch is that none of the seasons are connected to each other so you could easily polish off a few seasons in one weekend without having to watch the others.

The best part about this is that you can pick and choose what type of vibe you want to set for your Easter long weekend. Do you want a creepy house that people never seem to die in? Murder House is your season. Want to relive the horror shitshow that was the Trump vs Clinton election? Cult is the perfect match for you.

The only part of American Horror Story that connects the seasons are the actors. Because it’s an anthology series, actors play completely different characters to tell different stories, which means you’ll see familiar faces across the seasons.

An exception to this cohesive rule is Apocalypse, which is basically a crossover of Coven and Murder House, so don’t watch that until you’ve watched the other two first.

American Horror Story is currently streaming on Binge.

The Witcher (2019-)

The Witcher is another incredible show that you can easily binge-watch over the long weekend.

Geralt, a witcher (basically a mutated monster hunter) is struggling to find his place in a world full of people who make dumb choices and just want power. So not really that different from our world.

If you don’t think The Witcher is for you, you’re going to be pleasantly proven wrong. I was someone who thought it would be too fantasy/adventure for me but whoo boy, was I wrong.

It’s got everything you could possibly want in a show, most of those reasons being Henry Cavill.

Choosing to binge-watch The Witcher over the long weekend means that you’ll be up to date with everyone else and hop on the bandwagon of eagerly awaiting season three to drop.

The Witcher is currently streaming on Netflix.

Owl House (2020-)

If you don’t want to fill your Easter long weekend with violence and gore like the previous suggestions, then Owl House is the perfect binging material. With two seasons (and a third one coming), Owl House is a totally wholesome show that will fill your weekend with magic.

Basically, the show follows a human girl as she stumbles into a portal to another world and becomes besties with a rebellious witch and a warrior. The ultimate squad goals.

If you are going to binge-watch any of these shows this long weekend, I would strongly suggest making Owl House one of them. It just has a nice, easy vibe that is the perfect distraction from the world outside.

According to Kotaku Australia’s very own Ruby Innes, it’s a “very goofy” show. I’m not sure you need much more convincing than that. What’s better is that it’s got some really great queer representation which we always love to see.

Owl House is currently streaming on Disney+.

Stranger Things (2016-)

Stranger Things is probably one of the biggest shows right now, and for good reason.

Set in 80s Indiana, a group of youngsters start witnessing supernatural forces in their town alongside some super shady government operations. As the kids search for answers, they are left with more supernatural questions.

With three seasons of Stranger Things already out, it’s still manageable to binge-watch over one weekend and there’s enough to spread it across the four days.

There also isn’t a better time to binge-watch this show because the newest season is just around the corner which means you can watch the entire series this weekend and be up-to-date with the rest of us.

Stranger Things is currently streaming on Netflix

Station Eleven (2021)

Maybe you’re one of those people who are into art imitating life and want to watch a dramatised version of what’s happening around us in a show. Well, if that’s you then Station Eleven is absolutely right for you.

The show centres itself around survivors of a devastating flu who try to rebuild and navigate what their new world will look like whilst also trying to maintain some aspects of what was their world beforehand. Ring a bell?

Station Eleven is a great show that explores different survival approaches people choose to take and how their motives can either help or hinder others.

With just one season, you can binge-watch this show in one weekend and feel completely attached to our present day.

Station Eleven is currently streaming on Stan

The Wheel Of Time (2021)

If you want a new show to binge-watch this Easter long weekend then look no further than The Wheel Of Time. 

With the icon and legendary Rosamund Pike staring as Moiraine, a member of a magical organisation, The Wheel Of Time will help you escape into the perfect fantasy adventure world. You know, the kind where a prophecy can either save or destroy the world.

It’s still not yet confirmed whether a second season will come out or not, so you can watch the first season and be ready if any more do end up coming out.

The Wheel Of Time is currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

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