What the Actual Truck Is This?

What the Actual Truck Is This?
That ain't gonna help, mate. Image: Furphy

A few days ago, a truck in Sydney appeared to be stuck between a rock and a hard place, well, a building and a building.

Despite speculation the driver was drunk (the truck was clearly displaying an ad for Furphy, a beer brand), it was actually all just good marketing. The truck was deliberately placed in a strange position. And it got our attention, of course.

Although I’m about to partake in a self-imposed dry-May (taking suggestions for a better name), I quite like Furphy, and I’ve not seen this around my stomping ground before.

We tracked down the actual story (I know, I know, no Pulitzer here, but it is a Friday arvo, folks). Here’s what they had to say.

The installation was commissioned by Furphy (obviously) to celebrate the launch of the new Furphy Crisp Lager. Furphy worked with installation artist James Dive and Scoundrel Projects to bring to life the “impossible Crisp Truck set-up”.

“Furphy is all about unbelievable storytelling and the ‘what the truck’ installation is a fitting way to get people talking about Furphy Crisp Lager,” said Malcolm Eadie, Lion portfolio director for craft and premium beer (what a job title, eh?).

“We wanted to create a scene, to have CBD commuters to find a truck that was not only blocking their way, but also in a genuine predicament that would make people wonder ‘how did it get up there?’” Dive added.

The Furphy truck is wedged upright on Little Hunter Street in Sydney’s CBD if you want to check it out. Strange ‘things’ have popped up in Sydney of late, from a large af dinosaur to that creepy doll from Squid Game, but now Furphy is now throwing its hat into the ring.

Mystery solved. Happy Friday, folks!