Which NBN Providers Have the Most Outages?

Which NBN Providers Have the Most Outages?
Image: Fremantle
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As part of its quarterly Measuring Broadband Australia reports, the ACCC looks at NBN performance across the nation. While the clear highlight is speeds and just how well providers go in the busiest hours of the day, the report also looks at outages.

Specifically, the ACCC tracks each provider’s average daily outages lasting more than 30 seconds. To get an idea of how reliable NBN providers are, we’ve taken the outage data from the last four reports and averaged it out.

At present, the report covers 12 providers: Aussie Broadband, Dodo, Exetel, iiNet, iPrimus, Launtel, MyRepublic, Optus, Superloop, Telstra, TPG and Vodafone. Launtel was only featured in the most recent report, however, so we’ve just got one data point for outages from the Tassie telco.

The data below is sorted from the least number of average outages lasting at least 30 seconds per day to the most.

Which NBN Providers Have the Most Outages?
Image: Gizmodo Australia

Here’s a selection of NBN 50 plans from these five providers: MyRepublic had the least number of average outages per day, reporting just 0.2. iiNet and Telstra were in equal second with 0.23 per day, and Dodo and iPrimus sat in equal third at 0.24.

And here’s a selection of NBN 100 plans:

On the other end of the spectrum, Launtel had the most outages with 0.61 per day, but data only comes from one testing period. Exetel followed at 0.46 outages per day. This is largely thanks to September’s data, where the ACCC says an anomalous afternoon resulted in a higher than usual rate of outages. Aussie Broadband and Superloop followed with 0.35 and 0.33 outages per day. The other factor worth considering is the length of an outage.

For December’s tracking period, the ACCC said “as the majority of outages last for no more than three minutes, outages are likely to have little material impact on the end user experience”.

Here’s December’s outage length data:

Which NBN Providers Have the Most Outages?

While outages lasting 30 seconds to 10 minutes make up the lion’s share, Dodo, iPrimus, Telstra, and Superloop skewed slightly toward the lengthier side. On the other hand, TPG, Vodafone and Optus’ outages were shorter.

Here’s a selection of NBN 50 plans from these three providers:

And here’s a selection of NBN 100 plans:

The Measuring Broadband Australia report sample covers roughly 1,200 connections during each one month testing period. The vast majority of the connections are also made up from the 12 providers focused on in the report. While the sample isn’t massive, but it’s still a useful indicator of how an ISP should perform. The ACCC reports a 95 per cent confidence level in its results.

Alex Choros is Managing Editor at WhistleOut, Australia’s phone and internet comparison website.