Queensland Is Now Offering EV Purchase Incentives, But There’s A Model 3-sized Catch

Queensland Is Now Offering EV Purchase Incentives, But There’s A Model 3-sized Catch
The Tesla Model 3. Image: iStock

The Queensland Government has announced a massive $55 million electric car incentive package, with $3,000 being offered to EV buyers to assist with the purchase price.

This announcement comes directly from the Premier of Queensland, Annastacia Palaszczuk. As a part of Queensland’s $55 million electric car incentives, the state will offer its residents $3,000 incentives to encourage the purchase of an electric vehicle. It’s available to anyone that purchases an electric vehicle under the value of $58,000.

Interestingly, this threshold cuts just shy of the Tesla Model 3 (and the Polestar 2, which we have reviewed), which starts upwards of $60,000 across Australia. It’s very similar to the policy in place in NSW, which offers the same $3,000 incentive with a higher threshold. That’s notable, as the Tesla Model 3 was the best-selling EV and one of the best-selling sedans last year.

“We are going to make the cost of buying electric cars just that little bit cheaper,” Palaszczuk said.

“My government will provide a $3,000 subsidy for anyone buying an electric vehicle to the value of $58,000.”

Up until now, Queensland has very much been behind when it comes to the uptake of EVs. While Victoria and NSW were leading the charge (pun) of the eastern states with vast funding and infrastructure plans, the most Queensland was doing was… less stamp duty.

Now, Queensland has a policy like NSW, which is very welcome.

“We were the first Australian state to develop an EV strategy, and now we are once again leading the way with Queensland’s Zero Emission Vehicle Strategy 2022-2032,” Minister for Transport and Main Roads Mark Bailey added.

“We revolutionised electric vehicle travel through the Queensland Electric Super Highway, which is currently being expanded to almost 3800km, and now Queenslanders will have even more charging stations to use.”

The Queensland government has hailed this as a way it is committing to its climate action plan, with the goal of reaching zero vehicle emissions between 2022 and 2032.

Divided, this investment includes $45 million for $3,000 packages that Queensland residents can claim when buying an electric car, and $10 million for vehicle charging infrastructure across the state.

Industry bodies have widely welcomed Queensland’s electric car incentives announcement.

“The FCAI believes the Government’s continued focus on developing EV recharging infrastructure and fleets is vital in supporting the penetration of EV’s into the Queensland market,” said Tony Weber, chief executive of the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries.

The FCAI statement went on to say that low emissions technologies, like plug-in hybrids and improvements in fuel quality, should also be supported in approaching zero vehicle emissions by 2030.

Moreover, ChargeAhead, an independent community campaign encouraging electric vehicle uptake, has also welcomed the plan.

“With fuel prices and the cost of living going through the roof, more and more people want to switch to cars you can fuel up at home for a fraction of the cost,” Solar Citizens strategist Stephanie Gray said in the Charge Ahead statement.

“Electric vehicles are cheaper to run and maintain than petrol cars and they slash emissions, but the price tag is still a major barrier for many people.”

The support for electric vehicles continues to be state-led across Australia.

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