Qantas is Now Flying (Sorry) Into the NFT Game

Qantas is Now Flying (Sorry) Into the NFT Game
Image: iStock

Qantas is getting in on the NFT game.

NFTs have been the subject of major criticism. Environmentally they’re no good at all and are often peddled as scams. We’ve also heard all about the NFT bubble bursting.

And yet, some companies can’t seem to stay away from them. Queue Qantas, one of Australia’s most iconic companies, starting to advertise its new NFTs on Twitter.

“A new way to own a piece of Qantas history is on its way,” the Qantas NFT website reads. 

“We’re looking to the future for our next collection of memorabilia. A new set of digital art collectables is gearing up for release as non-fungible tokens.”

Basically, Qantas is selling NFTs as merchandise for its brand. This includes, from what we can tell, NFTs of specific Qantas planes that the company has used over the years. NFTs, mind you, are a form of digital art based on scarcity (for example there can only be one owner for, say, the A Dumb Way to Die NFT).

These can then be traded with other NFT collectors online via dedicated sites. It’s a bit like when Smiths chips brought us Tazos, except you’re buying ownership of a link to an image instead of a packet of chips that comes with a physical collectible.

Moreover, Qantas says that the initial buyers of its NFTs will be able to earn Qantas Points, however, the company hasn’t revealed too much information about the NFT collection just yet.

“Qantas NFTs will be released with net-zero emissions, using low-carbon platforms and carbon offsetting,” the website adds.

The last major company that I remember making a claim like this (that their NFTs were environmentally friendly) was Assassin’s Creed publisher Ubisoft. It was revealed not too long after Ubisoft began selling NFTs that the NFT partner to Ubisoft wasn’t that eco-friendly after all.

Anyway, you can register your interest in these NFTs through the official website, if you want.